Rus News Journal

For the sake of love

Raphael Ejramdzhan all has calculated rejected Rafaelszheg of. In the street General Beloborodova it has come to a familiar entrance of the house to nine mornings. At this particular time Olga usually left for work. Raphael has sat down on steps of the first ladder flight and has splashed out to itself on a chest gasoline from a two-litre plastic bottle. Has clicked a lighter... The flame has instantly captured the man. After some minutes sitting on a bench at other entrance the neighbour with horror has seen, how the door of last entrance was slowly opened and the head of Raphael who has hardly crawled to an exit has below seemed.

- I die! Allow to me to drink... Waters... - he has whispered.

the neighbour it was quickly threw behind water. But its unfortunate smog not drink any more - the throat has strongly scorched. Have called neotlozhku . It reached Mitin`s suburb forty minutes. Doctors ascertained 90 - percentage burns of a body and have taken away Ejramdzhana in Institute of first aid of a name Sklifosovsky. And Olga N. Militiamen have invited for explanations.

Raphael Ejramdzhan has appeared for the first time in Olga`s apartment is banal enough: undertook to do European-quality repair. The guest worker, in general. But with able fingers. Was born in settlement Gasped - Tsihe in Georgia, the ethnic Armenian, to Moscow has got over with tens years ago. Recently has concluded fictitious marriage with the inhabitant of Moscow suburbs and has found a constant residence permit in the city of Bronnitsy.

- we were acquainted by my friend. We were not actually the husband and the wife, but were on friendly terms, - tells dumbfounded by a message about self-burning of the the lawful spouse Natalia from Bronnitsy. - it very good person. Kind. He earned repair of apartments, hands at it on a place. Last time of Rum (so have altered on Russian manners a name Raphael. - a bus comment) Called in to me in June. To it the bill for a mobile phone for a great sum has come. I so have understood that it meets any woman is more senior it and has issued on itself a mobile phone of her son.

Olga has lodged in Mitin one and a half years ago. Works as the lawyer where - that in the centre of Moscow. To the customer of repair recently it was executed forty. Two children, the senior - the boy and the little girl. Repair business has not come to an end. Raphael has fallen in love with Olga who was more senior it for eight years. Living together, speech did not come. But the young Armenian appeared often in the street General Beloborodova.

- It constantly here was wound. Solid such, not shpana. By a foreign car went. And where - that in February they with Olga have sworn. All house heard, how she on a ladder shouted: Rafik, between all of us it is terminated! and he so plaintively asked, with the Caucasian accent: Well why, Olga?! - teenagers from vegetable tent near to an entrance tell. - and last two days this Rafik only here also turned, for the Olga watched. It was then set fire.

doctors and militiamen have come to a conclusion what really to commit suicide or seriously to become a cripple Ejramdzhan did not gather at all. It was going to scare, call Olga its pity. But has not calculated with quantity of gasoline. At the last minute has had time to estimate danger, has begun to go for a drive on a concrete floor of an entrance, could bring down a flame. Has crept out on light behind the help.

at the moment of signing of number doctors in Sklife still struggled for life of the rejected lover.