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In capital the Lipetsk murderer bosses?


He has got over in capital from Chernozem region

Such version the Moscow detectives

pravoohraniteli fulfil Last five years search for especially dangerous criminal who has received a nickname “ the Lipetsk maniac “. On its bill not less than ten murders of girls and women in vicinities of Lipetsk.

the young woman which corpse has been found out in August, 1998 on river bank Voronezh became the first victim of the murderer. Then police officers have paid attention that on the killed were absent clothes and ornaments, and the death has come out suffocation. After a while two more bodies have been found.

in an early autumn of the same year the criminal has made successively four more murders. After that doubts does not remain - the serial murderer operates. According to some information, on the bill of the suppressor more than 10 ruined lives. Prominent feature of handwriting “ Lipetsk chikatilo “ there was that it dumped corpses exclusively in suburb forest belts.

by miracle it was possible to some potential victims to escape from monster paws, and under their indications have made some identikits and have described signs of the criminal: by sight nearby 30 - 35 years, a dense constitution, growth about 180 centimetres, hair light, a hairstyle short. In November, 2000 carried moustaches. At fulfilment of murders used vehicles and quite could be engaged in private carrying. For what has received in Lipetsk one more nickname - “ the maniac on beige (white, dark blue) “ the Zhiguli “.

Search has not given result. For data on the maniac the monetary award in 100 thousand roubles and the car " has been appointed; VAZ - 2110 “.

From the end of 2000 of the new data about its crimes in area territory did not arrive. But in Moscow suburbs approximately then the corpse 15 - the summer schoolgirl with 12 knife wounds has been found out. Already then have remembered about and not found “ the Lipetsk maniac “.

Certainly to get lost in a megacity to it it would be much easier, than in Lipetsk. Not especially making comments on the version of capital colleagues, local detectives the version about “ a Lipetsk trace “ then have counted “ farfetched “ as counterargument resulting that fact that “ the Lipetsk maniac “ never and killed nobody a knife. It smothered the of a victim. Here it also smothers...


At the suppressor have handed over nerves

So under descriptions of witnesses the murderer with Kashirki looks. Βξηπΰcς - approximately 30 years, growth - 160 - 165 centimetres. Probably, wears glasses. Militiamen ask all who saw this person, to call by phone 02. The special attention to an identikit needs to be converted
There is an assumption that on Kashirke the same person who has made a series of loud murders in July

the Identikit of the murderer who have arranged a slaughter-house on Kashirke has arranged a slaughter-house. Yesterday we wrote about this wild punishment. We will remind: this person killed the girl, having got into apartment under the pretext of the buyer of furniture. In some minutes after murder of Lena Belsky it in an emphasis has shot the militiaman, trying it to stop.

who it? The predator? Usually they do not kill, and if take on business the weapon, that, in general - that, for bolshej self-trust. Mentally sick? More than. And can be, he/she is the well-known Moscow maniac? It is excluded? That of a victim only smothers the. But the body of the girl was almost bared - after punishment on it there were only shorts and a vest. Handwriting the acquaintance. Crowds chase it operov, here and have handed over nerves, has started to cut and shoot. Even if it not the suppressor, undoubtedly person with sick mentality.

the July thriller, unfortunately, has not ended. The militia in the third time for last thirty days declares strengthening. Tushino, Tver - Jamsky, Mozdok... Loud promises and sypjatsja: we will check up attics and garages, we will ask not registered. And girls continue to kill. And the maniac (or if official circles reject its existence, ten murderers) filters through cordons of courageous people in shape. And the murderer of the militiaman in a blood-stained vest disappears in the frightened city full of guarded militiamen. How it to explain?

anybody to explain and does not gather. Here to you not America that there was to crowd of journalists a detective and told about a course of investigation on sensational business. The Moscow frightened of the maniac waits for these words, but, it is visible, will not wait. Everything that the crowd of journalists has received greedy to sensations, are muffled statements that a series of murders of young women - at all a series, and a casual set of atrocities. Better our law-enforcement services absolutely would keep silent.

on - to mine, militiamen simply are afraid to recognise presence of the serial murderer in capital. It is other level of responsibility. And here elections, the City Day and Luzhkov who will lower three skins, God forbid that happens. The society (and the press also there is its voice) looks forward to hearing.

the maniac - it is more terrible than shahids. At a concert you at least know that here these people in bullet-proof vests, they at least bags will check up at spectators, and suspicious so on a broader scale will search. And the serial hunter for women - it everywhere. On a beach, in park, in thy own apartment. For whom it will come next time?


Girls perish across all Russia

For first two months of summer in different corners of the country have strangled more than hundred women

We have contacted our correspondents in regions to learn, a leah was at them the crimes similar to the Moscow series. After all between murders in capital there were intervals for ten days. And after a while reports have gone. Terrifying. It has appeared that we live in the country full of loonies which only and do that smother and force girls. Only in one Vladimir region for June - July - 57 (!) Cases of unknown disappearance of women.

in the Chelyabinsk area have killed two graduates. Both have strangled, one have raped. It is said that the murderer then accurately “ has decorated “ bodies of girls their celebratory ribbons “ the Graduate - 2003 “.

And on June, 21st have killed two 17 - summer schoolgirls in Chita. Girl-friends have found in lesoposadke, some things have been removed from them. Unknown persons “ morons “ so have spoilt Anju and Tanju that on a funeral service of their body have been closed.

having studied all messages from places, you come to a terrible conclusion: the maniac - the suppressor can drive about very quietly on nearby areas to capital and kill. So, the chronicle “ the maniac on tours “:

on June, 6th. Voronezh. In a large forest the corpse of the young woman with suffocation traces is found out. It is not raped.

on June, 29th. Tver. Two are killed 18 - summer girls. The death has come from blow by a stupid subject on a head. Are not raped, though trousers have been removed from one girl and shoes.

the end of June. Vladimir region. Mushroom pickers have found in wood the semidecayed corpse of the young woman. It is strangled by hands, to define, a leah it has been raped, it was not possible. The crime is not opened.

on July, 15th. The Ryazan region, settlement Solotcha. Near to lake the corpse 30 - the summer woman is found out, is strangled by a rope, not raped. It had fair hair (at level of shoulders), growth - 160 - 165 the Crime see is not opened.

on July, 25th. Kaliningrad. In bushes of a country society the corpse 34 - summer Elena Zhunikovoj is found out. It is raped, and it is then strangled. The crime is not opened.

on July, 30th. The Omsk region. In three kilometres from district Isilkul, on a city dump the corpse of the fifteen-year girl is found out. Has been strangled by a cord or a rope. It is not raped.

on August, 2nd. In the Omsk region it is raped and strangled presumably by a branch from a tree 15 - the summer girl.

it is clear that the Omsk region far is from Moscow. But nevertheless zamprokurora Isilkulsky interdistrict Office of Public Prosecutor Vyacheslav Dorofeyev has become interested in the version about the wandering maniac. As he has declared, the consequence will be obligatory to fulfil and the version of the Moscow maniac - the suppressor, but, naturally, not as the basic.

maniacs develop together with a civilisation as rats

We work in information vacuum. It reminds game: the suppressor fools militia, and militia - journalists. Each of us tries to beat the rival but while unknown IT conducts. Losses are known: 14 murders in July half from which repeats each other, as a film stamp.

that no serial murderer is present, pravoohraniteli have informed two weeks ago. Akkurat before murder of the student from Naberezhnye Chelny. Judging by that since then they actively are silent, business has promoted. It is thought that the militia already knows the author of a series of July atrocities, but prefers to keep mum in the interests of the investigation. The maniac, having seen the person on a cover, can cardinally change shape. There was a bitter experience: in 1995 in Moscow the character on a nickname the Robber forcing and killing girls in lifts traded. Newsdealers have published its identikit. The robber has removed points, has had hair cut, instead of a ski hat has put on a cap and has started to operate on all city. It, certainly, have caught, but it costed nerves. Therefore let`s think that in militian silence there is a sense.

the Rating of hearings

Meanwhile in the people versions, absolutely absurd at first sight ripen. Type: no maniac is present - murders are created by militia, distracting attention from business “ werewolves “ in epaulets. The history knows similar precedent: right after captures of Chikatilo in the Rostov region behind the same employment the dismissed militiaman thus revenging system has been detained... The thought is clear, but too is strained, because the desire to put to the place of the minister - the nonprofessional is not necessary stolkih death.

the Chechen trace? The essence of acts of terrorism consists in sowing in a society a panic. The result is available. But confuses here that: so is masterful play with a consequence the sick person can only, whose logic does not miscalculate unlike reason healthy, though and zatsiklennyh on idea of the Chechen independence.

the version religious. Three years ago, when the history of the Barnaul entrants all over the country rattled, one expert - religioved has noticed system in dates of their disappearances from institute walls: abductions of girls coincided with the pagan feasts demanding immolations. The guess has not proved to be true, but to reject this version it is not necessary, as on religious soil “ a roof “ at people takes down often enough. But if the Moscow suppressor was pomeshan on religion, it would leave any sign on a place of crimes. Same carries away with itself things of victims. As the fetishist smelling another`s underwear for the sake of pleasure.

at last, last version. Teenagers for whom the real world has mixed up with the virtual. Which, having learnt to kill on the screen, have started to put into practice a certain program. Again does not converge: to transpass this line, another is necessary, not a virtual push. But on sensations, in the name of the Moscow suppressor we deal with quite adult person, able to cover up traces.

means, before us the banal pervert which the nature with an enviable constancy spits out in this world irrespective of the fact which on a court yard a system.

the list of versions can be continued unboundedly, but all these exercises of collective mind are good only when the murderer has the purpose. And if it was not and is not present, in competition the logician we will lose.

maniacs and their victim

In cheap detectives maniacs search for the women of certain type similar to the prostitute - mother or the witness to the first sexual fiasco. In life these people are content with that come across under a hand. Therefore fabrications that the present Moscow maniac zatsiklen on an image of thin blondes growth of 165 centimetres and with hair to shoulders, the bases have no under themselves. “ I never specially searched for a victim “ - the murderer - " admitted to a consequence; the professional “ CHikatilo.

It is considered that after a sortie the beast calms down. That the maniac cannot leave on hunting every day. Still as can! As, for example, Muscovite Yevseyev or izhevchanin Kasimov - they stupidly cut people from evening at evening. Also was not in them before murder neither an animal throwing, nor the subsequent pleasure with calm. A misfortune that freaks develop together with a civilisation, as cockroaches and rats. And if before their behaviour it was possible to foretell, and them to etch poison now they gnaw this poison together with crumbs...

if to speak about analogies the Moscow maniac on a manner of behaviour more all resembles the Taganrog murderer Yury Tsjumana. It too forced and smothered itself that podvorachivalos under a hand, and took away underwear and clothes of the killed girls with itself for memory.

as them “ Calculate “?

it is casual. More often pravoohraniteli detain them on another matter and only then understand, what fish has got. When operation on capture of Chikatilo has failed once again, the Rostov inspector Issa Kostoev has gone to a condemned cell to consult to serial murderer Anatoly Slivko. “ It is useless, - having listened to story 12 - summer searches, that has hemmed. - such it is impossible to calculate “.

Slivko, by the way, was possible to kill 21 year. And to detain Chikatilo, have checked up in total 200 thousand persons...

sooner or later the suppressor all the same will get, because neither at it, nor we do not have other exit. It is necessary only - to wait one.


the Former chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs was imposed supports the version about the suppressor

While capital militiamen get rid of conversations on the serial murderer, the former chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow, the head of department on work with bodies of safety of the city government Nikolay Kulikov has declared on air “ Echo Moscow “ much more frankly:

- Unequivocally it is impossible to tell, but on some crimes there is a similarity. The Office of Public Prosecutor defines, a leah is similarity in fulfilment of crimes, and on the basis of these conclusions of business can be united.