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Dream of Kerry Bredshou - Sex with Baryshnikovym!

In the near future in a scandalous serial Sex in a big city there will be a new character. The heroine of Sarai Dzhessiki Parker - Kerry Bredshou - can fall in love with worthy men. This time the Russian ballet dancer Michael Baryshnikov becomes its romantic interest.

one of these days he has signed the contract with company NVO, the manufacturer of a serial. When - that of Profiteers it was married on to the girl King - Konga Dzhessike Lanzh (from it the actress has given birth to the daughter to Alexander) and itself has joined a movieland. Has played in a film about ballet intrigues the Turning point in the history about the suffering affliction Russian dancer the White nights ... the Turning point it was remembered to those spectators that has been nominated for mad quantity Oscars but has not received any! Last cinema experience has happened at Baryshnikova in 1991.

sarai Dzhessika Parker herself has offered a nominee of Baryshnikova and has personally persuaded a ballet star to become its partner. By the way, the Sarai too is not alien to this art, some years it professionally were engaged in ballet.

It was found out that see you with Sarai Baryshnikov did not see any series Sex ! But Parker so has lighted up idea of cooperation with Russian that has there and then sent it some series on DVD. At profiteers has looked and has agreed.

- I think, it is time to make something such that my children cannot look, - Michael has commented on the decision.

he will act in film in eight series Sex in a big city which, actually, also will finish this serial. Kerrys Bredshou and Alexander Petrovsky (so on a plot call hero Baryshnikova) in art gallery will get acquainted.