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Peter Marchenko has departed

TV presenter Peter Marchenko to a past week-end has decided to jump with a parachute.

- it is not terrible? - We when Peter has arrived in Stupino with son Valentine have taken an interest.

is not the first jump. Four years ago I have given a gift to the spouse: she dreamt to jump with a parachute, and I have kept its the company. Of eight hundred metres jumped from height. I have unsuccessfully landed, have beaten out a shoulder. However, it has not beaten off desire.

here the instructor began to explain Marchenko, what pose needs to be accepted in flight. In twenty minutes, namely for so much gelikopter rises on height of 4 kilometres, in air there were small points. Then one after another parachutes began to be developed. After five minutes Peter Marchenko and its tandem - the master have made landing to an airdrome grass.

- perfect sensations. A fear and delight mix, - Peter admitted.

By the way, at a World Cup closing ceremony one more beautiful trick has been planned: under the scenario the leader of ceremony Alexey Kortnev should land on a scene on a parachute. However at the last minute the leader Accident has decided not to tempt destiny and has refused from such effective an exit .