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Hlebushek would be, and butter we will smear!

Dormidonta National, our poet from a plough, disturb recently things especially practical, essential. He has read here recently in newspapers that the crop in Russia is expected rather poor. But unknown before palm-oil we have bought in far, but to the friendly country I will simply break through. Dormi has got agitated: on what that butter we will smear? And here it was still found out that is necessary urgently podmognut to slav brothers, Ukrainians for whom from - for droughts is available nedorod on bread, and owing to absence of fodder - is possible and on fat. Which any butter though baobabovym, you will not replace! Later, truth, it was found out that - a thing necessary, it and without bread it is possible to consume palm-oil, even in confidential space pans it is applied. But the alarm remained: a leah will be in the winter beskormitsy?

the Head is hammered to the full,
And stirrings of all not to re-read:
In Jurmala Kirkorov naprokazil,
And a leah will return to Alla - God knows!

Abramovich is spent on Chelsea
without wishing to lift Spartak
Masha increases persi,
Lola is again happy and so.

CSKA awfully oblazhalsja,
On the it the field has lost.
and Marat was publicly bared,
And Maxim on Alla sank down...

and far from these exclusives
In the field the ear ripens, as a question: a leah
Will suffice us some bread this winter,
On a proforage of, and also stars?

before nobody was stirred,
As there winter crop, with whom it and how, a leah
the Cultivator has broken?
has not rusted at a combine trak?

And there was hardly a bad weather -
So, not sush, and easy nedorod,
the Abyss raznochinnogo the people
Gomonit - and what will put in a mouth?

That misfortune not to make a helpless gesture,
As here to brothers - to Ukrainians to be?
Have tightened pride of belts
And at moskalej have come to ask!

... The winter will be lived by us without a doubt,
Other - a public relations and nonsense;
Simply left to us preduprezhdene,
Where a priority - and a peel.

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