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How much are services of the gardener?

the fans of the country life who just bought a new site or have solved perekroit old manor in a new way, abide often in perplexity. It would be desirable, that all was beautiful, convenient, cosy, blossomed and smelt, and own knowledge does not suffice. For those who is ready to be spent for the sake of realisation of the dream, the most rational way - to employ professionals.

firm or a private trader?

AS the DRESS begins with a pattern, and a perfect garden - from the plan drawn on sheet to a paper. Landscape designers are engaged in it. Firms of such direction in Moscow and Moscow suburbs not to re-read: there is a demand, there is also an offer. Experts about identical level work in them, but money takes different. The more largely firm, the will ask more. The firm undertakes to execute the garden project in any style: regular, landscape, a modernist style. Will consider wishes on a thematic orientation. Will put a stony garden, Japanese, water, a rosary, iridary, the garden of spicy grasses or a fragrant, decorative kitchen garden and etc. Will show catalogues with the realised projects, sketches of registration of sites, structures, arbours, summer, autumn and winter colour scale of a garden.

the private traders working in basic without the contracts, have qualification not more low. Practically at all vocational education and a scientific degree. They are not spent for advertising and other overhead charge that is why the prices for site gardening name three times more low, than official firms. For private traders is better to search in scientifically - research and educational institutions of a corresponding profile, under recommendation of acquaintances which already used their services.

the worst variant - to follow the tastes of builders who have erected a summer residence. They quite often promise to hand over a site on a turn-key basis but in landscape design full laymen that is why act in a role of intermediaries. Also take half, and even all of 90 percent from the estimate on gardening. No designer respecting on it goes, therefore to you will get maloponimajushchie hard workers.

so, or the private designer you have chosen firm. Be defined, that you want from a garden. For this purpose make the list of wishes and pass its executor. Exclude the unrealizable. Do not ask to plant a palm tree or a baobab. Trust in experts: to them it is unprofitable, that the planted trees or bushes in the first winter have given the ends.

the project and its embodiment: what how much?

When sketches are drawn, the estimate is co-ordinated, all is settled, work begins. But preliminary ozeleniteli will make the soil analysis, will define level zaleganija ground waters, a direction of prevailing winds, illumination. It usually manages from 200 to 800 dollars depending on complexity level, from that, a naked site or built up, shaded or solar.

For project working out, happens, and take nothing, but it in the event that will embody the plan the same contractor. Now there is a tendency not to do the project on a broader scale. There is a designer on a balcony of your house and will plan that where to plant. You can carry the executor on the gardening market and there choose the pleasant plants. For a landing material, the earth, fertilizers, other materials it is necessary to bring advance payment.

works at private traders are estimated in cost of a landing material. For example, for an apple-tree you have paid 150 roubles, the similar sum will give for its landing. There are the exceptions concerning hvojnikov, which oh as nedeshevy: 1500 - 4000 roubles. In this case for landing take half of cost of your thuja or a fur-tree. A scrap of a tree to 10 - summer age will manage in 100 roubles, and add 10 roubles for every year lives of a tree further, for 20 inoculations will ask 300 roubles, for a lawn in 1 hundred part taking into account a material - 200 dollars.

For all the gardener

you will respond were convinced that the sketch beautiful, and with quiet heart leave executors to work. Usually they keep within in two weeks, a maximum - a month. And here you come to sign the acceptance certificate. But the sketch does not correspond to that see in nature. Do not make scandal. On a picture plants at the moment of their highest blossoming are represented. So it is necessary to wait some years. The created landscape or a garden will demand many forces, work. But you people very occupied, and time to preen feathers personally, catastrophically lacks. Then employ the gardener.

in gardeners there are no young men, it it is boring and is uninteresting to work in the closed space. This work prefer 50 - summer. You can employ the gardener for a season, only for difficult works, for the period of your holiday, on single consultations, for the winter, having placed in the advertising newspaper or the Internet the corresponding announcement or besides having used the recommendation of acquaintances. At five-day working week the professional from you will request 400 - 500 dollars a month, the nonprofessional - 300, the private trader coming 1 - 2 times a week, costs 100 dollars. Time wage of the class expert - 5 dollars at an o`clock. Subscription service - 300 dollars a month for a site to hectare.

P. S. By preparation of a material we have listened to judgements of five skilled ozelenitelej - private traders. But it would be desirable, that owners of country estates who used landscape designers or the gardener, too have imparted experience with. Write to us. You will help other summer residents not to make the wrong choice.

Concerning a water mode of a garden there is a set of various opinions. When nevertheless to water plants and on what depth follows promachivat soil?

Today on sale there are various devices for definition of humidity of soil. But there is enough simple way which many gardeners use. In various sites of a garden (from 2 - 3 places) turn out the earth on a full bayonet of a shovel. Remove a few earths from the shovel end. If in a hand there is poroshkoobraznaja a weight, means, the earth absolutely dry, it is necessary to water it plentifully. The Earth is scattered, but in a lump does not roll down - humidity degree low, it is necessary to water. The Earth rolls down in a lump, but if it to drop on a shovel (approximately from chest height), it is scattered - moderated, nevertheless it is necessary to water humidity degree. Well and if the same lump on a shovel is not scattered, good - it is necessary to water humidity only at dry weather. If the earth rolls down in a pliable lump and sticks to fingers excellent - it is not necessary to water degree of its humidity within a week.

in what phase it is necessary to clean early vegetables how to save heads of a broccoli and a cauliflower from early rassypanija?

Kress - salad, spinach, a cucumber grass, a coriander are ready to cleaning through 2 - 3 weeks after occurrence of shoots when rozetochnye leaves will well develop, but prior to the beginning of growth tsvetonosov. Salad, fennel, sheet mustard keep up through 30 - 40 days after occurrence of shoots, on greens clean prior to the beginning steblevanija separate plants. This year vegetable peas, beans and string bean shovels were late with maturing. Sugar grades can be removed to a table when the peas are in embryo, but their shutters juicy and gentle. Lushchilnye grades remove, when green peas in a bean will be generated.