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Archil Gomiashvili could become Stierlitz, and radistkoj Ket - Irina Alfyorov

30 years are executed in August to a legendary film of the director of Tatyana Lioznovoj “ Seventeen instants of spring “ (left on screens in 1973), presented to us “ the national hero “ - scout Stierlitz, the whole assembly of other popular characters, become really cult.

it is counted up that at a premiere of a film have looked over 200 million spectators. During display all 12 evenings in the country almost were not street criminality, current consumption sharply increased and the water consumption decreased - people sat at TVs.

about film shootings it is written much, but we have decided to find out, who was tried for leading roles in this unique picture.

STIERLITZ: Strizhenov, Gomiashvili, Tikhonov?

Stierlitz in a film - Vyacheslav Tikhonov. Archil Gomiashvili could receive this role Oleg Strizhenov, and.

the JOKE:

Stierlitz has outpassed imperceptibly. About it he has learnt from morning papers.

Today it is difficult to present itself Stierlitz performed by any other actor, instead of Vyacheslav Vasilevicha Tikhonov. But actually Tikhonov has got to a picture by a lucky chance. It is possible to tell, has carried.

on its place there could be, for example, actor Archil Gomiashvili (spectators remember it on a role of Bendera in Gajdaevsky “ 12 chairs “) Whose nominee was defended by the author of the scenario “ Seventeen instants “ Julian Semenov.

In film group conversations and on Oleg Strizhenova`s nominee went. But it has been at that time occupied in other film, played in MHATe, and to count on that it can be released completely for three years from theatre and devote itself to shootings, was naive. Lioznova deliberated, and here someone from assistants has suggested to try free Vyacheslav Tikhonov from shootings. It have made up, have attached the big fluffy moustaches... The kind of the new standartenfuehrer has horrified the director. But, having worked with the actor, Lioznova began to rest hopes of Tikhonov. And as he also showed readiness all three years continuously to plough on Stierlitz, the happiness has smiled to it.

for a role of colonel Isaeva Tikhonov has been awarded orders. This history with rewarding has such version. Told that Brezhnev`s nurse after a premiere “ Instants “ Has informed to the Secretary general hearings as if lives where - that in Russian remote places all the forgotten scout Isaev who worked in Gestapo behind a mask of Stierlitz. Brezhnev has lighted up to award it, has ordered to find for the scout, special services were knocked down, but have found nobody, then Brezhnev has decided to hand over order to Vyacheslav Tikhonov.


Some think till now that Stierlitz existed in life though actually it is an invented image.

there is an opinion that the Soviet scout German Villi Leman (a secret-service nickname - Brajtenbah, code number was its prototype - ΐ201) which ministered the assistant to the chief of the German investigation of Walter Schellenberg, was responsible for counterprospecting maintenance of war industry of a Reich, was reputed as the valuable worker (even has received a portrait of the Fuhrer with its autograph).

It worked on the Soviet special services under own initiative, nobody hired him and did not blackmail.

exact date of its  destruction (the Gestapo has arrested him in December, 1942) is unknown. In the film of Lioznova has not wanted to show how its hero perishes, having left the right to the spectator to finish thinking about the picture ending.

STIERLITZ WIFE: Svetlichnaja, Pahomenko, Shashkov?

Stierlitz Wife has played Eleonora Shashkov. Svetlana Svetlichnaja who has become in a film of Gabi, and singer Maria Pahomenko wanted to execute this role.
On a broader scale - that in the scenario of the wife of Stierlitz was not in pomine. Vyacheslav Tikhonov to whom the familiar scout has told, how to its colleagues working abroad has suggested to enter this heroine into a picture, sometimes brought on appointment of wives.

at first this role planned to give to beautiful Leningrad singer Maria Pahomenko. Asked on it and actress Svetlana Svetlichnaja.

“ I feel sorry to the present day that it was not possible to persuade Tatyana Lioznovu to give to me a role of the wife of Stierlitz “ - Svetlichnaja admits. She has played in a film Gabi enamoured of the scout. One spectator has told to the actress that Gabi - a generalised character of the woman, capable to love silently and faithfully, as a dog.

well and could become the wife of a handsome man of Isaeva the actress of theatre Vahtangova Eleonore Shashkovoj. It at the last minute, a day before shootings, have led on viewing by Lioznovoj. At Shashkovoj test not so turned out until on a set there was no Tikhonov. As soon as it has sat down before the actress, she has played a role excellently, with all reserved depth.

However, after a premiere of the film professional security officers said that the present wife of the scout would not show the feelings as it was made by the actress and if this scene occurred in life and for Stierlitz supervision spouses would split was conducted. But in a film the tiny episode performed by Shashkovoj did not become failure, on the contrary, its game film critics recognise as ingenious.

it is curious that at first the film group has decided to shoot a scene as to colonel Isaevu have brought not only the wife, but also its juvenile son (which he yet did not see). Movie tests have taken place, and suddenly the director sharply refuses the child, says that if in a shot there will be a child then all attention of the colonel will be chained to it, instead of to the woman. And in a picture there was a silent scene of a two - five and a half minutes without words, only sights, but how much is told!

RADISTKA KET: Alfyorov or Gradova?

Radistkoj Ket in a film became Ekaterina Gradova, and designated for this role Irina Alfyorov.
the JOKE:

Stierlitz has sat down in the car to radistke Ket and has told:
- Touch...
- Ogo - go! - has touched Ket.

Russian radistku Ket has played in a film Ekaterina Gradova.

Very few people knows that wanted to take for this role Irina Alfyorov. But Alfyorov was away on business trip abroad, and its nominee has quickly disappeared.

complexities have arisen at scene shooting when Ket hides from persecutors with two grudnichkami on hands. At first have removed dolls, but it was visible that children lifeless. In a film actually it is removed six different babies - shootings were tightened, and kids grow quickly.

an episode when the fascist demands Ket to exorcise and exposes on a cold of its baby, actually removed in the closed pavilion, it was hot and it is stuffy, and mum of the kid herself asked to open a window leaf. But the film group of it has not made, being afraid for health remains.

MULLER: Sanaev or Armored?

Muller`s Role which Vsevolod Sanaev has refused, has glorified Leonid Bronevogo.
the JOKE:

As - that Stierlitz repaired the “ Mercedes - Benz “ And it was seen by Muller.
- and here now it is clear that you the Russian scout, - has told Muller, - the present Aryan repairs the car in service.

In Muller`s role the director`s group saw actor Vsevoloda Sanaeva. But it has refused flatly the offer. The motivation was convincing: “ I the secretary of a Communist Party organisation “ Mosfilm “ fascists I do not play! “

other little-known actors while the second director of a picture has not resulted on Leonid Bronevogo`s set Were tried also.

armored - the theatrical actor. To “ Seventeen instants “ anybody from televiewers did not know it, he has acted in film in a couple of episodes, and all. And on tests was as a blank leaf, and it was good, because when the actor is able to act in film, he knows, in what foreshortening in a shot it is better how more effectively to turn, and Armored all it did not know: to it have given a role, and he played it. And here such remembered role which has glorified it has turned out.

itself Armored admits that prospect to play the disgusting German for the small fee - to it have promised 2435 roubles of 70 copecks for three years, it approximately 43 roubles a month - at all did not please. But the second director has told to it: “ You do not know that to you this role will bring! “ much later the actor has been urged to recognise that Muller`s role became fatal in his life.

HITLER: Kuravlyov?

It is Leonid Kuravlyov`s phototest on Hitler. But in a film Kuravlyov became not the Fuhrer, and Aisman.
the invitation in Leonid Kuravlyov`s picture was the Most unexpected for film group.

to It have suggested to be tried on Hitler. And it after those images of ridiculous gawks by which the actor was remembered to the spectator!

“ I really had tests on Hitler, - Leonid Vjacheslavovich admits. - Rehearsed, me made up under Hitler... But I antihrista have not mastered it, my nature was against “.

In a film of the Fuhrer the German actor has executed.

and to Kuravlyov Lioznova has offered a role esesovtsa Aisman.

on tests have stuck to Kuravlyov a small hump on a nose, have made a bandage approximately, Lioznova has set to it a problem that it this one eye burnt the partner in a shot literally. And Kuravlyov in a picture has quite adequately played.

Mikael Tariverdiev has written music underneath to a film of 12 songs, two of them were useful only.

At first have written down songs performed by Muslima Magomayev. Have then sung “ Do not think of seconds haughtily “ Valery Obodzinsky, Vadim Mulerman. Tariverdiev has suggested to try to Valentine Tolkunovu.

When Joseph Kobzon has heard that Lioznova wants, that he has sung so that spectators have not learnt it, has taken offence.

but the director continued to insist on the plan supposedly sing so that “ in a film it was not close Kobzon “. Joseph Davydovich has made some tens tests of record. It is necessary to recognise, in a film he really sings any not the voice. Besides his name has not got to a caption - they have been made earlier, than have confirmed the singer.

“ instants “ under KGB cap

the Customer “ Instants “ there was KGB and personally Yury Antropov. Roughnesses were reviewed and cleaned during work. For example, almost the incredible thing has occurred to German army. Someone from curators of a film has suddenly paid attention that all Germans in episodes - Jews. “ you show what army: German or Jewish?! “ - censors were indignant.

for reshooting have quickly brought fifty blond Estonian cadets of the Higher school of frontier guards at KGB.

security officers after film viewing have told that no means always Stierlitz operates according to the established instruction. But the episodes thought up by the director, impossible investigations in work, censorship has decided not to cut out to romaticize an image of the scout. Von Stierlitz should become for the people an ideal.

discrepancy in clothes cine esesovtsev was noticed by meticulous experts already after a premiere. The silver lace in the form of a corner actually was appropriated to the members of the nazi party who has entered it before coming to power. Stierlitz had the right to carry attributes, and Muller - is not present, because it have admitted to party only in 1939. Though a film it is black - white, esesovskie and other uniforms for shootings have sewed colour, with gilding and wattled cords in spetsatele the Minister of Defence. It was required to one Tikhonov hundred white shirts and 11 various suits!


Character Nordic. It is ruthless to enemies of a Reich. (The author behind a shot, from characteristics.)

last phrase Is remembered is Stierlitz has deduced for itself, as if the mathematical proof. (The author behind a shot.)

Plejshner went on an appearance. It all time was now in high spirits. (The author behind a shot).

- Stierlitz! And you I will ask to remain. (Muller.)

- you look bad.
- it is good still that on a broader scale I live. (Stierlitz, Muller.)

do not think of seconds haughtily. There will come time, itself will understand, probably... (From a song.)

- As you think to give birth, the kid?
- It seems, a new way yet have not invented. (Stierlitz, Ket.)

- When about us, mathematicians, speak, as about crackers, it is lie. Lie! In love I Einstein! (The maiden in a bar.)

Stierlitz has a rest on a summer residence

Yesterday we have phoned to actor Vyacheslav Tikhonov on a summer residence to wish happy birthday a film.

- Vyacheslav Vasilevich, you will mark 30 - letie “ Seventeen instants of spring “?

- Is not present, I will not be. But I will necessarily watch on NTV a film devoted to shootings “ Seventeen instants “.

- On NTV will show repetition of the film which has been removed five years ago, - “ Seventeen instants of 25 years later “.

- But I will watch this film for the first time.

- to you give pleasure of memoirs on shootings “ Seventeen instants “?

- Yes. This picture - one of my favourite. And I remember the work on Stierlitz role very well, but to give about it interview is not ready. I have a rest.