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Lieutenant Gazzayev, remove epaulets. A cornet Yury Semin, strike coal!

it is assured that Vardar will play against us the same as and in Moscow, - Valery Gazzayev has told before a return match. - I think that new they will not have time to think up anything . The rights there was Valery Georgievich, Vardar was just the same. Have thought up nothing. Proceeding from it the conclusion was simple - soldiers change schemes, add to the arsenal new combinations and shinkujut Macedonian champions in a small shaving. But it is red - dark blue have surprised. They have played in the same way as houses, and it is absolutely merited have received on horns, remained without Euro cups. 1:1 in Macedonia, and goes " further; Vardar . It is said that once on a rake any but if the person the second consecutive time makes the same experience with this simple agricultural device can come and again receives on a head, means, in a head of this not all on the places.

CSKA even at such game could pass in the third round if has carried. But in League of champions persistent proshibateljam walls a head of a place are not present. Even if very much will carry. we have appeared are not ready to League of champions - Gazzayev after game has declared. It is exact, more and there is nothing to speak. Now soldiers, for the life of me, should win the championship, differently a penny the price both to this club, and this trainer.

CSKA - on sale

some hours prior to a match in Macedonia the army management declared that in sale actions PFK CSKA will arrive. They will cost 600 roubles. In total on the market will throw out 148175 actions for a total sum about 90 million roubles. More unsuccessful time for the announcement of the beginning sales it was difficult to find, game in Skopje - doubtful advertising.

how much has lost CSKA in money?

One year ago, having lost all matches in League of champions, Moscow Spartak has earned on bonus more than four millions euro. Loko reached the second stage and not gained there any victory, has put in a pocket of more seven millions euro. Taking into account that only for attacking Olicha soldiers have paid 5 million euro, the sum not such and grandiose. CSKA budget (on estimations) in this season - 12 - 14 million euro. All players of the team in a crowd will pull millions on 40. But here cost of soldiers including dorogushchih Jaroshika and Olicha, for certain will fall as it turns out that in this season in Europe have forgotten about them. Also appeal of CSKA as places of work for football players of high level Besides, will strongly fall.

the SIGHT With 6 - go the FLOOR

... Here it take and replace

Gazzayev - the rare trainer noted by the press of national love. Fans are ready to forgive it all. Left on ruthless Glasgow Rejndzhers With three nominal defenders, has blown 2:7 - well, happens, it was necessary to risk! Has declared that role plejmejker there is yesterday, began to play with the whole company of basic halfbacks - ah, the good fellow, what innovator!

even hearings that in 95 - m to year a champion`s title Alanii was it is bought on profits from sales palenoj vodka, the national rumour has not picked up - it would not be desirable to think of the good person badly.

Gazzayev always was close to the simple fan. Phlegmatic Romantsev, with pechorinskoj grief pitching on a trainer`s bench, defiantly intelligent Byshovets did not find such response in severe fan hearts, as Gazza skipping on brovke and watering matjugami all and all. The main thing, of course, was that covered each devastating defeat of Georgich with a resignation. Yes, say, it is guilty, beat me, beat! the present muzhik! - Yours faithfully summarised the people, absolving guilty all sins. Gazzayev, despite the Caucasian roots, arrived very much on - russki: hardly that - ashes tub on a head and all fire on itself. Directly batjanja - the battalion commander whom heart does not hide for backs of children.

now all not so. After the Moscow match with Vardarom instead of expected self-flagellation complete with resignation Gazzayev has declared: Football players played ugly! and the trainer, turns out, is pure? Resignations neither after the first, nor after the second duel with Macedonians nobody has seen. It, probably, too Gusev with Mandrykinym will write, same they have behaved disgracefully.

has put, of course, not only in national love which now Valery Georgievich, perhaps, any dancings on brovke will not return. It is a question of self-esteem, about honour eventually. As nobody demands from Gazzayev though it ministers in army, to start up to itself(himself) a bullet in a temple. It is necessary to leave simply with worthiness CSKA, and from a national team, probably, too. Because if it not to make, misters presidents of Giner and Cones can to think for two . As Vysotsky, " sang; the shah has undersigned for full inability, here it take and replace ...

the PASS FROM us

the Correspondent of department of sports Paul of ZADOKS:
It simply feast any...

Valery Gazzayev as the kind wizard, has walked across Europe. A generous hand he has presented a feast of poor Albania, having managed to blow a local national team - 1:3 with the Russian national team. Has then made happy the Georgian fans, having given three points to Tbilisi. And now here, having arrived to Macedonia, has erected in a rank of national heroes the domestic command from a city of Skopje. Thanks, Mr. Gazzayev!

Perhaps in it also there is a mission, a great homespun truth of domestic football - to give pleasure, to bathe in beams of glory of third-rate players of the most modest clubs and national teams? After all who will take care of them, poor, how not we? Who will give the chance to these children to feel Zidanami?

And after all not for idea players " struggled; Vardara ! Before them loomed not only glory, but strashennye, enormous denzhishchi! On an euro piece on the brother, here feet forward will incur. However, prize-winning to all Vardaru - the average monthly salary of one player of CSKA... But Russian - smothering wide open. And then contracts are paid to ours regularly, and to boys from Macedonia who will help to earn? And it is not a pity. Eventually what difference when to fly from the European roads on a roadside - in Skopje or in Prague?

a departure of CSKA from an eurofootball waiting room name sensation. Nonsense! Brilliant performance is red - dark blue was naturally entered in shameful failures at the first stages of Euro cups of our clubs during the previous two seasons. We have pleased fans Valencia (twice), Liverpool Basel Grasshopera Parma Glasgow Rejnzhers (twice), Ipsvicha Bavaria Sparta Fejenorda Hapoelja ... Now here Vardara . From the extracted scalps in an UEFA Cup for last two seasons - outstanding success the Dynamo prevailed against Maltese Birkirkaru (1:0, 0:0) that by and large too triumph for the Maltese football. Only Loko in last season has pumped up in League of champions, has made the way in the second stage.

and so - we bring pleasure in each house! It is possible to assume only, with what thrill the European dwarfs wait for a forthcoming toss-up. Compress the weak-willed cams: If only Russia! If only Russia! and after all never they will understand, why the UEFA reduces all and reduces our representation in Euro cups. With us it is cheerful! However, if so business goes, our champion will acquire the right to play only in any Kubke Intertoto. But we and there will not be lost!

in 3 - m a selection round meet: the Miner - the Locomotive Vardar - Sparta MTK - Seltik Rejndzhers - Copenhagen Austrija - Marseilles Brugge - Borussia (Dortmund), Latium - the Benfika the Dynamo (Kiev) - the Dynamo (Zagreb), Rusenborg - Deportivo Grasshopper - AEK, Zhilin - Chelsea a Selta - Slavija the Guerrilla - Newcastle the Galatasaray - CSKA (Sofia), Anderleht - Vistula the HOOK - the Ajax .


Alexander of TAMBOURINES: on the Comedy I do not make comments

- I said for a long time that with game which shows CSKA, in Europe it nothing soldiers! - has declared in interview the known player Spartaka and a national team of the USSR Alexander of TAMBOURINES. - and when all already in advance have sent it is red - dark blue to Prague on a rendezvous with Sparta I have told: Yes let at first Vardar will pass! So for me the result of matches with Macedonians did not become unexpectedness. And to shout now the Shame! late, there is nothing to be surprised, all is natural. At us after all by and large and football professional is not present, what you want?

now and our national team though was considered as the favourite in the selection group, hangs by a thread. I initially objected to combination of fasts of the trainer club and the trainer of a national team. Gazzayev, truth, sang that it`s OK that at Russia the specificity that we others. And so, it for itself we others, and in Europe rules for all identical.

I would not like to state an estimation to Gazzayev`s trainer`s skill, I since childhood know it, at us the relations. I will simply remind that when he has headed a national team, I have responded to requests for the comment: on the Comedy I do not make comments . I am afraid, as though after a Russian national team match in Ireland the comedy did not become a tragicomedy... Leah


Will leave Valery Gazzayev in resignation from fast of the head coach of Russian national team?

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