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Mouth of babies

every Saturday prints touching and ridiculous stories about your children, their amusing statements, jokes and photos.

your kid has said the words first in the life and something has told such that you precisely did not expect? Learns the grandfather how correctly to read the newspaper? The daughter gives to mum advice how it is better to meet the father from work? Kroha has demanded the salary for kindergarten visitation, and in the evening instead of the father has worked on the computer? Or you simply want to tell, how strongly love the kid?

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the Leader of a heading Olga JANCHENKOVA.

ILJUSHA, 2 years

are Told 3 months by mum:
Our son - very amusing kid. It would be desirable to tell about it to readers Ilya simply does not suffer, when to it do not pay attention, and always tries to involve it. For this purpose it falls on a bed and shouts:
Bobo! Thus falls exclusively on a pillow that falling was soft.

likes to sleep with me and with the husband and only in the middle. We explain to it:
- Iljusha, children should sleep in the bed. And you should go to sleep to the bed.

on what Ilya responds:
- I will not be.
also is capricious.


are Written by mum:
Hi, expensive I Send to you pearls my daughter. I hope, they will be pleasant to other readers of the newspaper .

Ole was executed exactly three years when at us the second daughter - Anja was born. And here we walk for the first time along the street three together: I, Olja and small Anechka in a carriage. On the way we meet the neigbour. She exclaims:
- Olechka! As it is good that you have now a sister! You are on friendly terms with it?
on what Olja with a clever kind responds:
- Is not present!
- Why?
- It small and more uses a chest.

we have dinner three together: I, the husband and Olja. The dinner comes to an end, and Olja and has not touched the slice of bread. Knowing that I will abuse it for it, it has there and then found a way out of a current situation:
- the Father and why you vsuhomjatku drink compote? Take here mine hlebushek.

Olja did not like to go to a garden and consequently in the morning always woke up in bad mood. I lift in its morning and whole in a nouse. It it is dissatisfied: - Mum, me is no time to pay compliments to you. At me now nochevoj the bubble will burst.


Dear rostovchane!
Now you can congratulate native, favourite and friends on a birth of the kid through In each maternity home of a city there is a special box, in which any interested person can lower a note with the congratulation text! Please, do not forget to specify a surname of those whom congratulate.

we Congratulate Milostinsky Oksana and Nikolay on a birth of son Dmitry!
daughters Katya and Cooking.

Iru and Valera Stinka it is congratulated on a birth of small son Stefana.


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