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At a group concert And - ON the hall was thin

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At a group concert And - ON half of hall was empty. A shame! Many people have not got on a concert from - for the high prices for tickets. In Moscow tickets from 400! It is a shame With Rostov! But musicians - good fellows!
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I wish good luck on the city Olympic Games on geography to the schoolgirl 10 - go a school class 110 Ire Mahadzhanjan. Irishka, we with you! Valentina Alekseevna, you the best teacher on geography!
Masha Zhdanova.

On SZHM on a crossroads of Cosmonauts - Orbital around shop the Fairy tale The lost dwarfish poodle (black kobelek) resides. The owner, be!
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very much it would be desirable heat, and ahead - cold winter! Weather forecasters promised a lot of snow. For certain, say lies. In Rostov always slush.
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At me at a window the lily has blossomed. For the first time for two years of expectation. Beauty!
the flower grower.

When in our city transport will start on - chelovecheski to go, passengers will be vzaimovezhlivy, and drivers - not begin to be rude in reply to any question?
the passenger of public transport.

My sonny, apparently, starts to speak. Yesterday murmured something on - to the, thinking that I understand it. Funny!
happy mum.

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In Rostov now actively the habitation - in Liventsovke, to the north of street Orbital is under construction. Thus in already existing houses more often there are problems with water supply. What will be, when the city will even more expand? We will buy water in shops?
Sergey Seltsov.

As has informed Open Society ON the Water canal Rostov-on-Don, for today all works with water supply of these perspective areas of building the question with arrangement of sewer networks is already spent, almost solved also. It is supposed that by 2010 rates of building will make on one million square metres of habitation a year. Therefore now Rostov the Water canal negotiations are carried on for inclusion in the federal program of building of a new water fence in farm Dugino. According to experts of the enterprise, the next 10 years Rostov will not have problems with shortage of water at the expense of the spent upgrade of manufacture.