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Show “ Remove it immediately “:สเ๊ from rostovchanki have made the beauty

Release of the program with Lydia Baryshevoj`s participation look on the channel “ STS - Southern Region “ on November, 12th

Competition on participation in this program has been declared in Rostov even in the spring. Five hundred pretenders wished to change the shape, but from them has carried only 48 - summer Lydia Baryshevoj.

- of what similar I did not dream at all, - Lydia " has told; - This surprise was presented to me by daughters. They have sent the letter with the story about me on television. At first have told that from set of other women have chosen me. Have then come round and have explained that I go to Moscow on tests. As have explained later, I should not foreknow about it because for the spectator natural reaction is important. That I all - taki will be the participant of the program, has understood already in Moscow at an exit from the car. I remember, how one of passengers has asked another: “ What is this chambers on platform? A leah cinemas remove that? “ on what that has exclaimed: “ Yes is not present! Same leading programs in which free of charge dress! “

... And so - after. Result, as they say, on the person!
My things have thrown out in an urn

Me with daughters have lodged in hostel. Road, a food, residing paid STS. The whole week for 10 hours a day I worked in front of chambers. As - that in a lunch break has wanted to buy to the son a gift, but me have not let out in a city, have told that under the concluded contract bear for me responsibility - God forbid that happens. Constraint in front of chambers at me was not. Once the director has told to me: “ Know, why you not married? Because stir " too much;. As to Sashi Vertinsky and Tashi Strict, in life they have appeared same, as on the screen. Very much gained their goodwill. During that moment of the program when my old things were thrown out in an urn, me have not admitted even to a door. All it became not to injure my mentality before the further shootings. Therefore about that spoke, throwing out my things of Sasha and Tasha, I learn only from the TV screen on Sunday.

leaders have forbidden me to carry footwear on heels

to Try on clothes in shop and to sit in an armchair of the stylist it was necessary till some hours. As a result of me have recoloured in more dark tone and have made melirovanie. And here to cut my hair twisted by nature at the hairdresser the hand has not risen. Have made a hairstyle under a penalty. Now, to look well, it is not necessary to do long packings, simply enough to set hair mousse. Fashion selected the classical strict office. At my growth of 175 centimetres, 40 - m the size of a foot and 48 - m a clothing size to choose clothes in the Moscow boutiques it was difficult enough. Therefore Sasha and Tasha selected more likely on the size, than for style. To carry footwear on heels to me from - for high growth strictly - have strictly forbidden. And when have asked to try on suede boots, I have protested. After all such footwear not for our winter. As a result of all of them - taki have left, but have bought also the leather.

Sasha Vertinsky and Tasha Planing have transfigured rostovchanku.
“ Well though have not spoilt! “

I not ohala from unexpectedness when after change of shape me have brought to a mirror. I remember, only has told: “ Well anyway have not spoilt! “ but native and all acquaintances admired: “ What beautiful! Directly not to learn! “ the most surprising before getting on show, I could not find work in any way. Now, when I come to be arranged, my vacancy consider with enthusiasm. I will tell to you in secret: one of these days me have invited to interview in one of firms. It is a good sign. Know, now I look ahead with optimism. If to me has had the luck to get on such program will necessarily carry and in all the rest.

That Lydias Baryshevoj have presented:

- 3 skirts and 1 trousers;

- 3 blouses and poncho (a fur cape);

- 2 steams of boots (leather and suede);

- 2 complete sets of underwear;

- 2 ornaments (a large beads).

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