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Fidel Castro`s nephew has presented batajchaninu the book

For the sake of the favourite uncle Antonio Ernandes was ready to lose an eye

- This book exists in the single copy, - has told its owner Nikolay Platonov. - recently we assorted houses old things and hardly have not thrown out it. It is necessary, since this book to me was presented by Fidel Castro`s nephew, I have not read it!

in 1984 Nikolay Platonov worked at the Rostov airport as the technician. On training there there have arrived students of the Kiev institute of military aircraft, and two fellows have assigned to Nikolay. It learnt them to assort and collect motors and to know each small screw on They be 154.

- Only after any time I have learnt that one of my trainees Antonio Ernandes - Raul Castro`s son and Fidel`s nephew! Other children treated it with respect. But, in spite of the fact that Antonio was from an uneasy family, indulgences to it native did not do. To get for study to the USSR, it was necessary to the guy, as well as everything, to pass selection from two thousand persons. It indeed was bashkovityj, the present walking encyclopaedia: on - russki perfectly well spoke and wrote, and crossword puzzles clicked as sunflower seeds.

In memory of the known Cuban Nikolay Platonova still had autograph.

- Antonio has very much taken offence, when I named once Fidel Castro on Russian manners of Fedej Kostrovym. As - that I have asked the guy: What will you make, if to you will tell to pull out to yourself an eye that Fidel Castro lived eternally? it took a plug and has asked: Now to prick out?

to please Cubans, I with great difficulty managed to get bananas. When children have seen my surprise, have not believed to eyes: Really you eat it? and have then explained that in Cuba people eat dessert red bananas. And that are on sale at us, are considered there nekonditsiej and go on a forage to cattle.

for three months that Antonio has spent in Rostov, it nasobiral the whole writing-book samogonnyh recipes and has taken away it home with other souvenirs. And for memory has handed over Kohl the most expensive that could be at the Cuban, - Fidel Castro`s printed in the form of a book the speech. Antonio has told that took it in the house from the uncle, and has signed: For memory to our friend. Kohl, we wish you successes in work, a sound health and happiness in home life. From the Cuban friends .

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