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Train the Quiet Don will divide to a sexual sign

Since January there will be compartments for men and women

Rostov - Moscow will enter into number of eight trains of the Russian railways where will make unusual experiment on division of a compartment on female and man`s. From the middle of January of the next year rostovchane, buying the ticket to capital, can demand the fellow traveller of a certain floor.

- such experiment it has been decided to spend after numerous references of our passengers, basically, women who complained on incorrect and even calling behaviour of fellow travellers - men, - have informed in SKZHD.

cars will be mixed, is simple in one compartment women, and in the neighbourhood - men go only. Specially to change external and an interior of cars, for example, to add in a compartment for women pink zanavesochki with frills, it is not planned, as well as a standard set of accessories to passengers. the Sexual sign will change only tickets in which there will be an additional column about the fellow traveller.

such tickets, as well as usual, in railway cash desks Will be on sale.

- in experiment participates two compartment cars of a train the Quiet Don : the house-keeper - a class and business - a class, - have added in SKZHD. - All other structures of change will not mention.

after a month it is planned to carry out the analysis - how much passengers liked such service and are how much claimed separate a compartment. If all passes successfully man`s and female compartments will appear and in other trains of distant following.


Tatyana Kotova, the Rostov beauty - 2006 :
- I very seldom went by train therefore I find it difficult to tell. Though if to try on a situation on itself, probably, would prefer to be in the car with the woman, rather than with the man.

Olga Grieg, the artist:

- Is not present, I not against, probably, such service is useful to somebody. Personally I travel always with a family therefore did not face a problem of the fellow traveller. Though, if it is fair, such innovation raises a smile...

Ljubov Puzikova, the director of the Kirov registry office of Rostov-on-Don:

- I had a case when from - for the man it was necessary to ask for other car therefore, I think, such division is defensible.

Elena Mostovsky, the pensioner:

- In due time I went often on business trips therefore saw much and I will tell to you that fellow travellers happen different and not all depends on a floor. There are men who will concede you the bottom shelf if you top, and have such women - fellow travellers that the present nightmare.

Valery Kopejka, the traveller:

- To tell the truth, I do not see a severe need in division of cars on to a sexual sign as a last resort it is possible to ask for other compartment. The majority of people should reach simply and faster, happens that the ticket you will not buy, and here not before search.

And HERE there was a CASE

Have met in a train to get married

Here what history has sent in edition in a heading Bajka from the reader (appears every Friday) rostovchanka Asavljuk E. S:
all has occurred, as in a fairy tale. I have bought the train ticket Rostov - Moscow For July, 28th. Began to consider attentively the neighbours in a compartment - two men and the guy have appeared them. But here I began to feel that this charming stranger does not reduce from me eyes. When the train has arrived to Moscow, to me became sad that I will leave it for ever, at all without having learnt his name...

I have invited all familiar Muscovites to the birthday. One of the last Mitja with the friend has come. I have not believed to the eyes: it was that stranger from a train! Both of us were stunned and have talked all the evening long. He has told that I to it have attracted at once, but he has not dared to start talking.

since then we are unseparable. Recently Igor has made my the proposal, and I have agreed. So soon we become the husband and the wife. And all - Its Majesty the Case!

irina@kprostov. ru