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Leah the pensioner of bodies of a state security payments in the Pension fund should pay?

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- As material aid from the organisation to pensioners is taxed?
Evgenie Rybkin, Red Sulin.

- by Point 28 of item 217 NK the Russian Federation it is provided that the sums of the material aid rendered by employers to the workers, and also the former workers who have left in connection with a retirement, on physical inability or on the age, not exceeding 4 000 roubles, are not subject to the taxation.

If the physical person any more does not work, on the basis of the statement submitted to accounts department of the organisation of the former employer, in addition standard tax deduction at a rate of 400 rbl., provided by subparagraph 3 of item 1 of item 218 NK the Russian Federation is given to it.

- a leah the individual businessman - the pensioner of bodies of a state security should - to pay in the Pension fund of the Russian Federation the payments including insurance and memory parts?
Edward Koltsov, Rostov.

- According to FZ About obligatory pension insurance in the Russian Federation from December, 15th, 2001 (item 22, 33), the individual businessman who was born till 1967, is obliged to pay the pension payments including an insurance and memory part only till January, 1st, 2007. Since January, 1st, 2007 he is obliged to pay only an insurance part.

- If the worker bodily used annual paid holiday for current working year, a leah it is possible to keep at dismissal from it the sums of a holiday money for unfinished days of holiday?
Albina Tokarev, Kamensk - Shahtinsky.

- According to article 122 TK the Russian Federation, the holiday right of use for the first year of work arises at the worker after six months of its continuous work in the given organisation (or earlier - under the agreement of parties). Holidays for the next years works can be given at any time working year according to the schedule of holidays. If the worker leaves before the termination of the next working year in which bill has already received annual paid holiday, the organisation has the right, according to the item 137 TK the Russian Federation to keep from its salary the sum of unduly paid holiday money for unfinished days of holiday, except dismissal cases on reduction of the staff or liquidation of the enterprise, an appeal on military service, dismissals through illness, other cases when dismissal is made in a kind of impossibility by the worker to continue labour relations with the employer, instead of on fault or at will of the worker.