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In Rostov have tied the currency threw

Dexterity of their hands conjurers

In streets of Rostov currency swindlers can envy even some months worked. Basically, they stood near to banks or exchange offices and suggested wishing to exchange currency at a favourable rate. Many agreed. Further all occurred so quickly that victims even understood nothing. Initially swindlers intentionally nedodavali the stipulated sum (it was 20 - 30 roubles). The client recalculated money and informed that supposedly does not suffice. Then the speculator in foreign currency took again a roll of money in hands and in a pointed manner considered denominations, is imperceptible breaking some pieces. Then agreed with the client and got ostensibly missing denominations from a pocket, hiding in another already zalomannye money.

- There were cases when suspects, exchanging 100 dollars, gave on hands of 680 roubles instead of 2 680, - tell in operatively - search bureau GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on JUFO. - They intentionally used small denominations, and the person at all did not feel that the roll of money has decreased.

after the next such transaction field investigators have decided to detain speculators in foreign currency. During a search the large sums of money among which there were also false denominations are withdrawn from them. Criminal case for swindle in the large size and sale of counterfeit money is already brought.