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How much still mybudem to sink in pools?

yesterday, as well as many other things rostovchane, I too was late for work. Almost hour, stealthily, went under Nagibin`s prospectus to TSGB in 9 mornings. And also jumped on huge pools, through having had wet feet...

the autumn rain has come to Rostov as always unexpectedly. A city has deluged, transport has risen. Every year same. How much was pisano - it is copied that livnevki do not cope with such water stream, but the situation has not changed. Again the rain became for more than million Rostov it is similar to act of nature. And who is guilty? In Department of housing and communal services of a city and other profile instances like to explain the reasons why it is impossible to solve this or that problem, what mysterious forces stand up for it. And rostovchane continue to sink in pools. And it in twenty first - that a century!

recently wrote that terrorists can blow up the Tsimljansky hydrosite then will break through a water basin and a part of Rostov remains under water. To completeness! It is not necessary to blow up anything. It is enough to pass to a rain that in a city there has come state of emergency.

the Photo Anastass MATVEEVOJ.