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Taganrozhenku have moved on street for a dirt in apartment

For some years to it it was possible to transform the habitation into the present dustbin

the Unprecedented case for our region has occurred in Taganrog. Here on a judgement have exposed from own apartment the elderly woman for insanitary conditions and municipal debts. A lawful way of the usual citizen have made the vagabond.

Here in what Galina has transformed the apartment.

process of exclusion has passed without especial scandal. In the morning on November, 10th court enforcement officers of Taganrog were knocked at an apartment door 34 on street Osipenko, 51/ 1, and have suggested the mistress to leave a premise. Galina Terekhin did not resist - took simple belongings and has started wandering on street. While the woman tried to be attached more conveniently on a shop at an entrance, from its apartment already took out garbage.

Terekhin is among people who from dumps drag any stuff, for some years it managed to transform the habitation into the present dustbin. As a result, as it is told in the certificate of inspection local ZHEU, It is thriftlessly converted with premises wall-paper on walls partially are absent walls in places are mouldy apartment it is filled up by decaying garbage, dirty things .

garbage Mounts have grown almost to a ceiling.

the Proprietress of two apartments a floor has above brought an action the claim about eviction of the unpleasant neigbour, and here still in time was found out that Terekhin has run into debt for a communal flat 17 640 roubles of 49 copecks. The court recognised the bases weighty and has made the decision on eviction from not privatised apartment without habitation granting. It is clear that such neigbour and to the enemy you will not wish. But where humanity?

the woman has spent three days in the street while local journalists have not sounded the alarm and began to call in administration. Only then the power has paid attention on Terekhin and have lodged her in a shelter. However already next day taganrozhenka spent the night at the entrance.

- At this woman obvious signs of mental frustration, and at court were all bases to make the decision on carrying out of compulsory psychiatric survey, - Valery OBOLENSKY, the lawyer of Joint-Stock Company " speaks ; - Rostov . - In case of its recognition deranged, and if there will be no relatives whom, apparently, no, the social body which will protect interests Terehinoj should become the trustee of the woman. Besides it if the woman recognise as deranged, a judgement about eviction should cancel. Even now probably to examine and return habitation.

apparently, it is not necessary for anybody. By the way, under the law, now the Taganrog authorities are obliged to put the woman in turn on reception of municipal habitation.

it is important!

from - for what it is possible to remain without habitation

Apartment it is not privatised:

- municipal debts

- insanitary conditions

- habitation use not to destination

- destruction

the Apartment is privatised:

If the living is dangerous to other persons who also have the right to live in the given apartment or the house.

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