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Something fried has begun to smell...

we prepare dishes from mjasamjasnaja food is a source of the high-grade animal protein containing all irreplaceable amino acids. Amino acids are responsible for healthy external appearance, an elastic skin and interfere with organism presenilation. Completely to provide an organism with iron, it is necessary to eat meat also. In vegetative products iron, but, alas, too contains it is acquired only for 10 percent. However if iron and amino acids still though as - that can be received from vegetative food vitamin 12 is present only at meal of an animal origin. If the person sharply passes to vegetarianism stocks of vitamin 12 in its organism, by estimates of physiologists, will suffice on 5 - 6 years. Further its absence conducts to infringements of work of the central nervous system. At first it can be small nervous breakdowns, forgetfulness, depression. All this process by impotence of mind comes to an end. And it already, alas, is not treated. Therefore so it is important, since half a year, to enter into a diet of the child meat food and not to involve it in well-disposed ranks of vegetarians at least years to 16 - 18. Well and that who is on friendly terms with meat, it is not necessary to explain that dishes from it always were and is an ornament of any table. However that who cares of the health, it is necessary to remind that the excessive fanaticism still did not lead up anybody to good. Remember, in Ancient China even there was such torture: denounced to death fed exclusively with meat. Eventually the organism ceased to cope with such doses of animal protein and the person slowly died. Therefore - that dieticians also urge us to concern competently everything that we eat. In particular, meat dishes to combine with fresh vegetables and juice. Utility of a product also depends and on from what part of the hulk it is taken. For example, sinewy, rigid it is acquired worse because its fibers have a bit different structure.


How correctly to choose

the Basic indicator of qualitative meat of all kinds is its structure. It should be elastic and firm to the touch. At beef colour can vary from bright - red to is light - brown. Between grease layers and meat there should not be films. If you have decided to buy mutton pay attention to a smell: it should not be very sharp.

the young lamb smells as milk. Colour at fresh mutton faintly - pink. Buying pork, choose a piece it is light - pink colour, matte, with the least quantity of films. The dish from such meat will be less rigid. If you have noticed that the product surface is covered by slime, is dark - brown stains and has non-uniform colour, can not sniff at all: before you unequivocally spoilt goods. Never save, buying meat with a musty smell or doubtful freshness. Having saved copecks, you will spend money for recovery of health much more. And more: get this product only in specially established places - in shops and meat numbers of the market where it has precisely taken place sanepidemiologichesky control.

the RECIPE 1


is necessary:

700 g beef, 10 potatoes, 2 bulbs, 2 items of a spoon of fat (it is possible vegetative), 2 items of a spoon of tomato paste, 2 glasses of a broth, salt, black ground pepper on taste.


1. The cleared potato is cut by large segments. An onion - rings.

2. Separately we fry to a golden crust a potato and an onion. We connect them.

3. Meat mine, we cut small slices, we salt, by pepper and it is fried on a frying pan with the warmed up fat before education of a golden crust.

4. We connect vegetables and meat in one deep capacity to a thick bottom.

5. We add tomato paste, salt, pepper, a broth, we cover and on slow fire we extinguish to readiness.

the RECIPE 2

Meat rulet

it is necessary:

150 g beef, 1 welded vkrutuju egg, 20 g kurdjuchnogo fat, 2 zubchika garlic, 1 item a tomato paste spoon, salt, black and red pepper, greens on taste.


1. Beef it is cleared of sinews and fat. We beat off before education testoobraznoj weights.

2. We strew black pepper, salt and we continue to beat off.

3. When meat will turn to homogeneous viscous weight, we display it on a board a layer 1,5 - 2 see

4. On a meat layer serially we put oblong slices kurdjuchnogo fat, a segment of garlic and a half of eggs. We salt also red pepper.

5. We turn off in a kind ruleta and it is tied by a thin twine.

6. Rulet it is stacked in sotejnik, greased with butter. Itself rulet from above we smear with tomato paste. We bake in an oven. That rulet it was fried thoroughly in regular intervals, through everyone 10 - 15 minutes it is overturned it and we water with a broth. We submit cooled.

has prepared Oksana KASATKIN.