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Hurry up, but to the speculator do not get!

we change dwelling in the conditions of a fast rise in prices for apartments

the Majority of transactions with real estate in our Russian conditions - so-called alternatives. To buy new apartment, the family sells old, that is actually exchanges one dwelling for another. When the prices grow too quickly, such transactions are scattered first of all. Certainly, it is possible to wait for more favorable times for the decision of a room question. But what to do, if circumstances force you to change apartment right now?

do not buy bad apartment!

When apartments are snatched away, as hot pies (tomorrow will be more expensive!) The situation, certainly, not so has to reflexions and scrupulous check of documents. Especially if the buyer - alternativshchik at which already zavisla the sale transaction. On such buyer it is very easy to press. Than unfair sellers quite often also use.

be careful: it is better to lose a quantity of money, than to agree on the transaction, legal cleanliness by which in a hurry it is not checked up. Becoming a victim of swindlers, you will lose more.

About for what moments at apartment purchase to pay special attention, we already wrote repeatedly. However the problem consists what independently cope with such check in very deadlines you hardly can. Therefore in a present situation it is especially important, how much qualified experts undertake to help you with it. Choosing real estate agency, certainly, be convinced that at the company the decent experience of work and serious reputation. But not less important question - what experience (and in the real estate market) at experts of legal service of agency and a leah undertakes to render on a broader scale it services in legal support of the transaction and to fix this point in the contract.

one more important point: in large agency with the big database to you will fast pick up more - less suitable alternative the variant, and accordingly the transaction to you will manage to be made faster.

how not to lose on to alternative thousand dollars

the Main problem, which breaks alternative transactions, - possible financial losses. And at such rates of increase of the prices, as today in big cities, considerable.

in normal conditions alternativshchik Usually at first finds the buyer on that apartment which is available for it. And already having agreed with the buyer about the price, proceeding from it starts to look for new habitation. On what, naturally, time is necessary.

in a situation of a fast rise in prices it is estimated in several hundreds, and even thousand dollars a week which will lose alternativshchik if will operate under the above described standard scheme.

by the time of when you will conclude the preliminary contract with the buyer of the apartment, the alternative habitation should be already found - then financial losses at jump of the prices can be reduced to a minimum, - advises ours the expert, the head of department of secondary habitation of agency of real estate the Kutuzovsky prospectus Valery FILATOV.

Elena ARAKELJAN Has prepared.