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Stars the Curve mirror : we raskrutiliverku Serdjuchku!

Authors of a legendary miniature about rabbits have seriously driven into Andrey Danilko, KVNs and Comedy Club

In Voronezh have acted one of these days rabbits . Those, which not only five - six kgs legkousvojaemogo meat... . Only here stars the Curve mirror Vladimir Moiseenko and Vladimir Danilets and have not shown number, when - that made them well-known.

- rabbits have died. How much it is possible - 16 years already! - humorists " have declared; - And so on street you leave, from different directions - rabbits yes rabbits . That cabbage give, rabbits live. Well has got, fairly!

- you do not consider the program Dubovitsky and Petrosyan as platitude top?

- Is not present! At KVN all below a belt, and Comedy Club - on a broader scale horror. And that sounds at Petrosyan or at Reginy though it is a little kulturnee. In the Curve mirror we very much liked to work, there atmosphere remarkable, anybody schemed against nobody. Something was on the verge. But there was what to play.

Humorists had to finish off the Rabbit : too this miniature is old.

Moiseenko: is not actors suppose poshljatinu. It you, spectators, suppose! Type pomidorchikov both throw. Also there will be no platitude! You feed them: pay money for trite and plywood concerts and arrange with it of an ovation! Cease to go, vote money!

- it is rumored that Petrosyan and Comedy Club steal jokes from KVN...

is who to you has told? Now all steal from the Internet! And who earlier styril, that and the author! One young actor has told recently: I here only write at night! and brothers of Ponomarenko to it in the answer: Certainly, at night the Internet is cheaper! it undertakes now simple a set of reprises, jokes and it is built on degree smehogennosti, without dramatic art. And it is fine kaveenovskie or the Internet jokes, and that after all simply old jokes which I heard in the seventh class!

Danilets: - There was a case in the Curve mirror young children have come, have brought new numbers. We honoured - ridiculously. But where - that already heard! Have fast got into the Internet: aha, it is KVN. It has appeared, children have brought to us the same that write and for KVN! Here such affairs!

- with the fellow countryman and colleague Danilko are crossed in creativity?

- I would not risk to name that it does, creativity. Actor Igor Dmitrys ( Pokrovsk gate Silva . - Red.) Has told that at it 150 roles at theatre and 70 at cinema, but he yet does not risk to name it creativity! We essentially do not like that does Danilko! What remains from the conductor? Earlier it was steb and kich. Now there is a glamour young lady who sings under the good soundtrack which has been written down in good studio. Well and where here kich?

Danilets: - And after all we have pulled out Andrjushu from Poltava, have arrived in circus school, distances laureatskoe a rank! Have made for its advancement all. It a nugget, very talented. But has stopped in development! That he has created 16 years ago, madly ridiculous theatre, alas, is lost! Has rested against one image - and all! It is interesting, if the person has changed clothes and shines different sides: time - the prostitute, in five seconds - the correspondent, the next second - the vagabond, then still someone.

- suits at wives a beret?

- Is not present, in shops. I come and look out for something bad. When we had number the Pastoral I there played the shepherdess, at me stockings were constantly torn. And I continually came to shop and asked stockings 48 - 50 sizes. Saleswomen with astonishment asked: to you on whom? on me - responded. Represent, what with them was?!.