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MILOSH KRUSHCHICH - POURED out MIKKI ROURKE, and Maya Kaverin - Cameron Dias

in edition have asked One of these days a question: And than sportsmen after career end are engaged? Really, having earned on the Olympic Games and the World championships prize-winning, they then lie on a sofa and only appear on secular receptions? versions at journalists were different. The most popular - our champions open the business, for example, restaurant or a beauty salon. However the biggest excitation was called by other variant: sportsmen and sportswomen are so attractive that film can safely act in. Journalists some days successively, having spread out to a table of a photo of the Rostov football players, basketball players, fighters, swimmers together with pictures of stars of Hollywood in eager rivalry shouted: It is similar! Yes is not present, here is not present similarity drops! and, that business has not ended in a fight, have chosen the five most - most clones . And you, expensive readers, look and compare.

Maya Kaverin - Cameron Dias

the Round face and full lips on which continually there is a crafty smile, give out in the handballer Rostov - Don and the actress of Hollywood most popular now the goodhearted nature at once gaining. And the Maya, and Cameron love a good joke, they optimists. In the childhood both were fidgets: mobile the ball was which main toy. At Cameron this love has quickly passed, in 16 years it became model, then the actress. And here at Maji - is not present. And now it on pleasure to spectators hammers in balls into gate of rivals Rostov - Don .

Milosh Krushchich - Mikki Rourke

the Star 9 and a half weeks has lost youth and a former lustre, but in Rostov it has such replacement - will not distinguish! The Serbian football player Rostov Milosh Krushchich at cinema did not act in film yet, but its talent and appearance and ask on a set. And if, God forbid, the veteran of the Hollywood movement Mikki Rourke is ill or will lose interest to cinema, it is possible to be converted safely to Krushchichu. While Milosh to change a green football ground for a stage it is not ready. The Serb who has played for Rostov more than hundred matches, intend to continue career. And cinema... it is At present more interesting to score goals which would bring to Rostov victories - tells Krushchich.

Andrey Moiseyev - Orlando Blum

to the Rostov pentathlonist and the cute fellow from London was necessary to spend many efforts that their career has gone upwards, but there they were expected by the sworn enemy - star fever . The Olympic champion of Athenes and a star of a screen version of the trilogy of Tolkiena the Lord of rings have to the full felt on itself burden of glory: admiration of the person, attention of journalists and etc. But both this vital examination have sustained with honour and continue with success the business.

Arcady Vjatchanin - Matt Damon

Besides external similarity, the Rostov swimmer and the protagonist Born`s Identifications have also the general points in the biography. Both long went to success. Damon was many years the supporting actor, executed something like classical To eat it is submitted but worked hard and as a result became popular and claimed. The same history and with Vjatchaninym. Heavy, almost the hard labour, has brought to it World championship awards. And in private life rostovchanin and its Hollywood the double are similar: both single.

Galina Gabisova - Sher

Sher, or Sherilin Sarkisyan, has roots in Armenia, Galja Gabisova - in the North Ossetia. Charm and talent of the heroine Istviksky witches owners Oscar and the young handballer in which coin box already many various medals, allow them to achieve success. SHer was both the singer, and the actress, and the radio leader, and everywhere she defeated competitors. As well Galja Gabisova. For the goalkeeper Rostov - Don In sports there are no authorities, and diligence should allow to it to grow to the guard of gate of Russian national team.

photos of stars were considered by Maxim KADAEV.
max@kprostov. ru
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