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For Oscar Uajlda interceded Chukovsky and Bitter

the Writer has spent two years in prison for violation of the standard foundations

the Third volume of our book collection the Portrait of Doriana Heating Oscar Uajlda is on sale in booths since Tuesday on November, 14th. Except the well-known novel this book included eight fairy tales of the writer: the Star boy the True friend the Unusual history which has happened with a cartridge for fireworks the Nightingale and a rose the Boy and a giant the Happy prince the Fisherman and his soul the Kentervilsky ghost . Size up Oscar Uajlda`s creativity you can, having bought the third volume of our book collection. To get it it is possible this week up to Sunday together with j in the booths participating in the action Library for all times . And today read the curious facts from life of the writer.

* the Full name of the writer - Oscar Fingal (on some sources - Fringal) O`Flaerti Uills Uajld. He was born on October, 6th, 1854 in Dublin.

* the father of the writer the doctor - the world renowned ophthalmologist sir William Uajld was the author of tens books on medicine, history and geography, but the dirtiest person in all Ireland has merited a nickname. It was the court surgeon and not less well-known lady`s man from what has suffered. The patient who asserted has brought an action against sir William that it has tempted her under anaesthetic. Its reputation has been destroyed. Oscar`s mother - lady Jane Francheski Uajld - was the woman of fashion, composed verses and the Hope subscribed a pseudonym.

* in 1895 for homosexual communication with young aristocrat Uajld has got into Redingtonsky prison and has spent there two years. It has been declared by the bankrupt and is deprived the right to see the children, and his name has disappeared from posters of the plays written to it.

* when Uajlda directed to a place of departure of punishment, in expectation of its train on half an hour have exposed in a prison uniform, handcuffs and closely cropped on a station platform in suburb of London. Some passers-by were spitted to it. As early as a year after that incident of Uajld every day it is equal at the same o`clock started to cry.

* in prison Uajldu it was forbidden to be engaged in literary creativity. Into its duties entered obertyvanie books from prison library a brown paper.

* enduring the punishment, Uajld has written the Ballad of Redingsky prison . It was unique product which it could publish after the conclusion. And that under a pseudonym which became its prison number in Redingsky prison - With. 3. 3.

Wife Uajlda and his sons after the conclusion of the writer so also have not met it.

* After unbinding in May, 1897 Uajld has left at once to France. - Vivianom and Sirilom - it did not see the wife and sons any more. The writer has lodged in Paris in a cheap rooming house under a name of Sebastjana Melmota and lived the last months in poverty and loneliness. Oscar Uajld at the age of 44 years on November, 30th, 1900 has died.

* in a year of century from the date of Oscar Uajlda Vatikan`s death has rehabilitated the writer, having given to due its agonal reference to cultural wealth.


Russian writers about Uajlde

- In 1903 - 1904 the beginning critic Chukovsky on the instructions of the newspaper the Odessa news lived in England and watched everything that was published there about Uajlde. In February, 1916 Chukovsky has again visited in the homeland of the writer where has received a royal gift - a page Ballads of Redingsky prison written by a hand of Uajlda. In 1957 in a diary Chukovsky there was such record: Undertook Uajlda. To me have given out in Inostr. - ke - 4 books about it. And I a volley read all four .

- In the letter in 1911 Maxim Gorky speaks to writer Anuchinu: Uajlda about lie and critics I too have read. On - to mine, the guy simply brawls to shake sleepy englishmenov . Created Bitter in 1918 publishing house the World literature planned to let out new collected works of Uajlda. Here that in this connection has written Bitter Chukovsky: you are undoubtedly right, when say that paradoxes of Uajlda - platitudes topsy-turvy but a leah you suppose behind this pressing forward to turn inside out all platitudes more or less realised desire to salt mistriss Grendi to shake English puritanizm?