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Who will sit without light

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on November, 14th the bus driver on a route 22 gos. Number 745 has twice pressed down the woman a door! politeness and splashes!
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Greetings! I adore The Beatles, though to me of only 13 years! Ur to Beatles !
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As want, misters, and on Tuesday, on November, 14th, a series from the Quiet Don it was pleasant, has already touched deeply.
the Cossack.

the Disco Failure - the most cool group on light! From their songs you are loaded by cool energy for all day! It is a pity, what not all me understand.
the Glutton.

In BSMP - 2 money ask to translate the person after operation in chamber, and also for a narcosis and the tool. Interesting, it and should be?
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On Suvorov, 46, in the middle of sidewalk the open hatch - two metres of depth and hot water at the bottom! Three days ago my two-year son has had time to stop on the brink. And after all someone`s can not be in time! Kommunalshchiki, as always, know nothing and do not want to solve. Help! Same it is terrible!
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My mum has found a bunch of threads in a pack of macaroni. And when we have tried to return it in shop, to us have refused. Speak, it is not known, whence these threads undertook. One is joyful - macaroni not the Rostov manufacture.

Who will sit without light

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I live in the street Vjatsky. We here on Wednesday, on November, 15th, all the day did not have light. It again fan disconnects? How to us to be in the winter if it is impossible to include heaters?
Nikolay Trofimovich.

As it was possible to find out apartment houses along the street Vjatsky and to a lane Dneprovsky have been disconnected on November, 15th in connection with carrying out of repair work. For the same reason today on November, 17th without light it is necessary to be with 9. 00 to 16. To 00 inhabitants of houses in street borders Nizhniy Novgorod and street Coastal, and also in street borders Proletarian and street Coastal between street 3 - I a line, 5 - I a line and street Nizhniy Novgorod.