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Rostovchanin killed kittens in the face of children

Concerning 29 - the summer fleecer have got criminal case

In edition “ the letter from rostovchanki Lyudmilas Lovjannikovoj in which she has told has come that their neighbour in the face of small children has killed kittens. The indignant tenants were converted into militia, and concerning 29 - the summer man have already got criminal case.

- in our court yard lives more than ten cats whom we together with children feed up every day and when it is necessary and we treat, - Lyudmila Lovjannikova, the inhabitant of the house ¹ 1 under the prospectus Budennovsky speaks . - that day we, as always, fed animals. The neighbour from the third floor has approached, has lifted a stick and in the face of children began to beat a monthly kitten.

on children`s shouts passers-by have come running and have tried to bring to reason the fanatic, and someone even has called militiamen. Tell that the man and scoffed earlier at animals, but murder did not reach.

- half a year Let will sit, can will see reason, - tenants of the house who pass now as witnesses of criminal case speak. And the sadist is afraid even to show the face now furious women.

According to the Russian legislation, cruel treatment of animals which has entailed  destruction or a mutilation, is punished by the penalty at the rate to eight-ten thousand roubles, corrective works for the term up to one year or arrest for the term up to six months. However in Rostov Criminal code article 245 is applied extremely seldom, thus, that annually in a city hundreds homeless cats and dogs kill.

their owner can simply protect pets, and attacking threatens not only the penalty, but, sometimes, and good scolding and to protect homeless cats and dogs there is nobody.


Chikatilo there began with cruelty over animals

Gennady KOLOMIETS, the head physician of a psychoneurological clinic:
- it is valid, almost all maniacs since the childhood tormented and killed animals. As a rule, this cruelty starts to be shown with 8 - summer age, and further illness progresses more and more. At first children hide that it is pleasant to them. Then bents become obvious, and they tell about the “ exploits “ in the opened. For example, known maniac Andrey Chikatilo too when - that began with cruelty over animals.

and HERE there was a CASE

to It it was pleasant to kill

In June of last year for mockery at animals has been denounced 17 - summer rostovchanin Evgenie Dzhelohvanov. According to neighbours, for two years it has mutilated and has killed some tens animals. To stop the young man, tenants of Northern microdistrict have arranged the present shadowing and have caught it red-handed. Already on court the young man admitted that it liked to look, how suffer and cats die.

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