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The goalkeeper Spartaka begged Osinova not to hammer to it

in Rostovchane have passed it is red - white in League of champions

Homich stood on one foot

On a sabbatical match to Rostov repeated champions of Russia have arrived under leadership of the owner - the vice-president of Open Society Lukoil Leonid Feduna. The graduate of the Rostov artillery school wanted to celebrate personally an exit Spartaka in Euro cups. In day of game in Rostov it was cool, and that Fedun has not frozen, in the VIP - to a stadium box the Olympus - 2 have brought a plaid in which it was immediately wrapped up. But Leonid Arnoldovich long in an armchair could not remain sitting: the football which was more reminding a carnival, continually forced it to jump from a place. After a final whistle of Fedun names this game by a thriller...

on 65 - j to minute of a duel at the bill 3:2 in favour of Muscovites there was an amusing episode. The judge has appointed a penalty in gate Spartaka . Osinov already was going to punch it as the goalkeeper of visitors of Homich has suddenly approached to a ball and something has told to the captain rostovchan.

- That have told, if not a secret? - we have asked the guard of gate it is red - white after a match.

- (Smiles). Has asked it not to hammer. Has told: Misha, can it is not necessary? He has only smiled - at once it became clear that to my request will not react. Rostov has evened up scores, but I hoped that we will score a victorious goal. It is glad that and it has turned out.

meanwhile Homich all match played with a trauma:

- I suffered today more, - the goalkeeper speaks. - when in the game beginning rostovchane hammered with penal, I have jumped and have casually hit about a bar. The hip strongly was ill, so moved on one foot. In a break a hip have tightly redressed not to allow to increase to a hematoma.

When goalkeepers of commands have met in podtribunnom a premise have shaken hands. Have Perhaps thanked each other for performance which they have presented to fans?

Lajzans has elicited penal at the captain

- And what I pound, what I have well played? - The Latvian halfback " is perplexed; Rostov . - the Command - that has not achieved positive result. Though, I will not hide, it is very pleasant that has scored a goal. It after all for me the first in this championship.

- usually standards from that place the captain Michael Osinov executes. And here suddenly you have approached to a ball

- I have told Mishe: Give though time in life penal to strike . It did not begin to pull a blanket on itself(himself), and here that from this has turned out - has hit the mark.

- regret, what was not possible to say goodbye to fans on the major note?

- Certainly. We tried, all efforts have directed to win. It is a pity that has not turned out.


It was 100 - percentage a penalty!

Veniamin the SPARK, the judge of a republican category, served matches of the Higher league of the championship of the USSR:
- Dantsev aggravated a situation, and Zheder played not in a ball, and in the player. This infringement is treated as rough game and as it has occurred in a penal platform it is punished odinnadtsatimetrovym. It is 100 - percentage a penalty!

on a broader scale, power struggle between football players is authorised only in one case: a shoulder in a shoulder, and a ball thus should be on game distance - from 1 m to 1,5. If it is not present, as in an episode with falling of Dantseva, is appointed a penalty. Infringement of Zhedera against Dantseva could be regarded still more religiously - up to removal spartakovtsa . But it - only to the discretion of the arbitrator.

it is possible to name This moment key, it after all could turn a match course! Hammer rostovchane in a penalty, the bill would become 2:0 in their advantage, and more it is not known, Muscovites would recoup.


Rostov - Spartak (Moscow) - 3:4 (2:2)

on November, 18th.
Rostov-on-Don. Stadium the Olympus - 2 . 11 000 spectators.

the judge: I.Egorov (Nizhni Novgorod).

Rostov : Chichkin, Eagles, Tanasevich, Veshtitsa, Krushchich, Kalachev (Burchenko, 77), Lajzans (Kalashnikov, 86), Dantsev, Flanks, Osinov, Kanenda.

Goals: 1:0 - Lajzans (9), 1:1 - Titov (21), 2:1 - Krushchich (24), 2:2 - Titov (38), 2:3 - Pavljuchenko (62), 3:3 - Osinov (65, from a penalty), 3:4 - Pavljuchenko (83).

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