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Assistants to the Commander-in-chief of land forces will prosecute

In military investigatory management SKP of Russia investigation of criminal case concerning assistants to the Commander-in-chief by land forces on raskvartirovaniju and to arrangement is finished.

On business there passes the chief of service raskvartirovanija both arrangements of land forces colonel Boris Segeda and the leading engineer of housing department of this service Galina Chelbanova.

Them accuse under articles abusings powers of office bribe reception and office forgery .

Inspectors have found out that from July till December, 2007 of Szeged and Chelbanova, being official persons, using the office powers, contrary to interests of service, from mercenary and other personal interest For a bribe at a rate of 7 000 US dollars and building of two country houses by total cost more than one million roubles, two two-room apartments in Moscow Region which total cost has made more than 7 000 000 roubles have illegally given in the property to Alexey Streltsu who did not have the rights reception of habitation from the state.

These apartments of which they have disposed at own discretion, intended to officers.