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Peter Mamonov will note on a scene Mjuzik - a hall 25 - letie scenic career

Peter Nikolaevich so versatile person that at times simply is not believed, as in one person so much talents can be combined. The leader of group Sounds of Mu the buffoon, in epilepticheskom an attack skipping on a scene, the unusual poet, an orthodox wise man - the turncoat living in remote village. And all it is Mamonov!

Its creativity leaves nobody indifferent. Mamonova do not love and despise, of it are fan and quote verses at an o`clock - peak at the underground.

Its words cut every year truth all more precisely and more precisely. And performance on award delivery the Gold eagle where the actor has received an award for Best Actor in a film Island even it has been cut out by the central television, as too sharp.

this year Peter Mamonov marks 25 - letie scenic career. From a scene Mjuzik - a hall this Friday will sound not only verses and fragments from solo performances, but even for a long time not sung songs Sounds of Mu . Long time the musician otkreshchivalsja from them, said that it is past songs that now it has changed.

- It is necessary to put end. - he has told to admirers at a spring concert in Petersburg. - and, the I become more adult, the I start to love the old songs more.

the Legendary musician and the unique actor waits for admirers on Friday, on October, 23rd, on creative evening at theatre Mjuzik - a hall .