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Negotiations on introduction of rigid control over fishermen of Baltic sea were headed by Swedes

Ministers of fishing industry of the European Union countries have agreed about introduction of austerity measures on control over fishermen of Baltic sea up to deprivation of their licence for fishing conducting.

the Consumer should be assured that the fish bought in shop, is caught by a lawful way - so the minister of fishing industry of Sweden Eskil Erlandsson which have headed these negotiations has commented on the agreement.

Besides, ministers had been reached the new agreement on quotas on vylov fishes next year. Earlier calculations were conducted starting with   real ulova, but without surpluses of fish which throw out back in the sea. Therefore, despite performance by the countries of quotas on vylov fishes, prompt reduction of its population on Baltic proceeded.

For the purpose of restoration of fish resources of the sea, a quota on vylov a sprat and a salmon in the south of Baltic are a little reduced. So, in gulf of Bothnia the quota on vylov a herring is increased by 25 %. The livestock of a cod is restored, therefore the quota on vylov this fish can be increased approximately from 8,5 % in the west of Baltic and to 15 % - in the east, informs the Swedish radio.