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In Moldova it is bad with freedom of the press?

such research was spent by the organisation Reporters without borders making an annual rating. Our country has appeared in an environment of such states, as Jordan, Tajikistan, Sierra - Leon, Congo.

reporters without borders estimated level of a freedom of speech by 50 criteria, dispatching questionnaires to representatives of mass-media. Among the basic criteria - quantity of victims and wounded men, and also the arrested journalists, censorship presence, existence of independent and oppositional mass-media.

the country with the most free press recognises Denmark, and the first five included the Scandinavian countries and Ireland.

is better a situation in sphere of a freedom of speech on the post-Soviet territory - in Baltic. Estonia has occupied 6 - e a place, Lithuania - 10 - e, and Latvia - 13 - e. To Georgia has got 81 - I a position, Ukraine - 89 - I, Armenia - 111 - I.

Close a rating some years successively the North Korea, Turkmenia and Eritrea. Not important issues with freedom of the press at Russia - 153 - e a place and Belarus 151. Same concerns Kazakhstan (142 place in a rating) and Kirghizia (125). Both countries have lost 15 positions.

reporters without borders - human rights organisation about a staff - apartment in Paris. Is engaged in protection of a freedom of speech and struggle against censorship. Since 2002 it publishes annual reports and ratings of freedom of the press. In 2008 Moldova occupied in a rating 98 place, in 2007 - 81.