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The new dictionary of Russian of 21 centuries will be published in 2010

  the Complex standard dictionary of modern Russian into which structure will enter economic, orthodox and the Internet - lexicon of the beginning of 21 centuries, it will be published in 2010, the dean of philological faculty Sankt - the Petersburg state university (St.Petersburg State University) Sergey Bogdanov has informed at session of the interdepartmental commission on Russian on Wednesday.

Over its creation 100 philologists from St.Petersburg State University and the Petersburg branch of Institute of Russian work. As Lyudmila Verbitsky has informed journalists the president of university, the dictionary is unique that were involved in work on it not only linguists, but also lawyers, economists, sociologists, culturologists, representatives of religious faiths.

Into the edition will enter 25 thousand lexical units. Among them - the terms connected with computer science, the Internet, economy and a finance, jurisprudence, art and religion.

According to Bogdanova, the edition fixes the facts absolutely modern Russian speech in many cases the norm was not established yet. In particular words have entered into it frilans and ajsikju (freelance, ICQ).

the Dictionary is calculated on the widest audience. Not casually in it the wrong variant of a pronunciation of words is specified. So, the edition defines what to speak competent on something, for example, concerning building incorrectly. It is remarkable that in the new dictionary an accent in a word the contract it will be fixed only in one variant - on a final syllable, and a word coffee it is recommended to use only in a masculine gender.

Bogdanov has informed that in November there is a third version of working materials of the dictionary in circulation of 200 copies. It will include orthodox lexicon. This version will be accompanied by the application with Islamic, buddistskoj, and judaic lexicon.

We involve experts, representatives of corresponding faiths, and they define that minimum and those most actual senses which need to be fixed for our citizen - Bogdanov has told.

It is supposed that the definitive variant of the dictionary will be published in 2010, informs RIA Novosti news agency .