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The coffee use slows down development of a hepatitis With

Some cups of coffee in day can slow down development of pathological changes in the patients, suffering affliction a chronic hepatitis With and the diseases of a liver connected with it. the regular use of coffee is connected with the lowered speed of development of disease - quotes RIA agency - News of authors of article.

Within almost four years they observed of 766 patients with the complicated diseases of a liver connected with a hepatitis With which did not manage to be helped traditional anti-virus preparations. Participants of research have been divided into some categories, depending on that, how much coffee they use in day. Besides, the data about the tea use was fixed.

Each three months patients passed inspection in which course indicators of their status, in particular, presence of signs astsita (liquid congestions in a belly cavity), connected with defeat of the nervous system, called by a hepatitis, degree of fibrous regeneration of fabrics of a liver (replacement of cages of a liver with a connecting fabric) and other parametres were estimated.

Results have shown that participants of research who drank three or more cups of coffee in day, had on 47 % smaller risk of deterioration of a status on one of clinical indicators. At the same time, scientists did not manage to fix influence of consumption of tea on development of diseases of the liver connected with hepatitis S

Though we cannot exclude possible influence of other factors, besides the coffee use, results of our research show that patients with high consumption of coffee have the lowered risk of development of disease - the head of research marks Nile Friedman (Neal Freedman) from National oncological institute (USA).

At the same time, authors of article warn that it is impossible to consider the data obtained by them applicable to healthy people.