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The Lithuanian military men are sent to Afghanistan in unmasking regimentals

by the Lithuanian military men who prepare for service in the Afghani province of Mounts, are afraid for the life.

They do not want to appear there in a role of live targets as have no necessary protection frames.

During the current year financing of the Ministry of Defence has been reduced to 160 million lits (an order of 67 million dollars). According to the Lithuanian TV channel, the army of the Baltic country has no the sums, sufficient for acquisition of the special camouflage regimentals used by military men in the conditions of wilderness, therefore military men send to Afghanistan, for restoration of a province of Mounts, in the form of the green colour, intended for the Baltic States.

As one of the military men has noted, the regimentals given out to soldiers do not suit anywhere. In a province of Mounts they should leave in villages, to patrol, and they will be visible from apart, clearly. Meanwhile, staff officers who almost never go on dangerous territories, are dressed in the form adapted for wilderness - the military man of Armed forces of Lithuania is surprised.

At the same time, answering questions of journalists, the representative of Lithuanian VS Skomantas Pavilenis has declared that to the military men who have received green regimentals, it is necessary to sit out in camp so threats for their security will not arise, informs the Lithuanian courier .