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Merkel begins negotiations with allies

On Monday in Germany negotiations about creation of new ruling coalition begin. On the parliamentary elections which have passed in last Sunday the majority in the Bundestag was received by conservatives - the block Christian democrats and Free democratic party. For the first time for long time sotsial - democrats could type only 23 % that many in Germany have conceived as a real crash.

If Angela Merkel will manage to agree with allies about alignment of forces, the block of the right can count on 332 mandates in parliament, at opposition - 290. After signing of the coalition agreement members of parliament will select the chancellor, whose nominee is offered by the president. Then the chancellor represents to the head of the state of candidates on the governmental fasts. Predictably, distribution of ministerial portfolioes can call the big disputes in a camp of conservatives.

Definiteness while is only with one nominee - the leader free democrats Guido Vestervelle, most likely, will replace Frank - Walter Shtajnmajera on fast vitse - the chancellor and the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany.    


Merkel has grasped the Bundestag