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Major accident in Volgograd: three cars

Failure have faced has occurred on Saturday at half past ten a.m. in Krasnooktjabrsky area of Volgograd. 33 - the summer driver went on the car VAZ - 21093 on 3 - j the Longitudinal highway from settlement Vodstroj towards Dzerzhinsky area. On crossing with street Agrarian it has taken off on a counter strip and ran at first into the car Mitsubisi Autlender at the wheel which was 60 - the summer driver, and, having flown away from it, has rammed the nine under control of 48 - the summer driver.  

As have informed in department of propagation of traffic police of a city ,   as a result of road accident the driver of a foreign car and it 57 - the summer passenger with a thorax bruise have got to hospital. 33 - the summer driver of the second the nine from the received traumas has died on the way to hospital.

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