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From tomorrow in Penza starts superiority on sports tourism

In the fifth time Superiority of area on sports tourism on foot distances will take place in our city. Specially to take in their part, to show the force, boldness and dexterity in overcoming of various difficulties and obstacles in a way, there will arrive commands of educational institutions, municipal unions of area, tourist clubs and sections of tourism of establishments and the organisations.

in the program - competitions on foot distances 2 and 3 classes. The command should consist at least of five persons - the representative of the command and 4 participants 1988 - 1997, the group necessarily should include one girl.

to Compete the arrived participants will be in tactics and the technician of overcoming of natural obstacles, as ravines, the rivers, abrupt slopes. Everything that they can use for overcoming of difficulties and a road hardship - tourist equipment. Besides judges will consider, commands and also how much participants are physically hardy how fast moved. Distances of personal overcoming enter into offset, work in a sheaf and group. Winners and prize-winners are awarded by prizes and diplomas of the Ministry of Education of the Penza region.

23, on October, 24th competitions are spent in the Ahunsky large forest, on asphalt road on the item of Burchiha of 500 metres from Russian hunting further in wood on marks).

on October, 25th - It is new - the Western glade, area Locators .

- to Receive the detail information it is possible in GBOUDOD for the Penza regional station of young tourists which are to the address - ul Herzen, d. 5. Also by phone (8412 94 - 55 - 82 on a site penzasyutur. narod. ru, - informs a press - service of the regional government.