Rus News Journal

Rehearsal of winter

Penultimate day of October has stood out in Moscow the cold. Today on roads very much skolzko.

the Day temperature will make only 0 degrees. In the morning frosts to - 1 degree, on area to - 3. All the day long there will be a cloudy weather with snow, times with a blizzard.

the Wind severo - western, strong, gusty 7 - 9 m./ second It can provoke attacks of alarm and trouble at people with unstable mentality, with nervous breakdowns.

On forthcoming days off we are expected also by snow frosty weather.

Rising 07. 31

Calling 16. 54

the Moon grows

On the Orthodox calendar on October, 30th Day of memory of sacred prophet Osii.

On a national calendar today Day of prophet Osii. Day of Joses. Osija. Osy.

on Osija - a wheel an axis till the spring leave.

day Quickly thaws - will not adhere for a wattle fence .

October - cold tears " cries;.

On a scratch telezhnyh wheels at date of Osija guess about a crop .

the Cuckoo cuckoos on a dry tree - to a frost.

the Name-day at Anton. Anthony (Anton) with Greek - getting in exchange .