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In Kemerovo Doctors have brought down an ambulance car

went on an urgent call under the prospectus October. On a crossroads with street Zarechnoj in them has flown BMW . Blow has had in a back part of the car, and it has appeared so strong that the ambulance has flown away on sidewalk and has turned over sideways. The driver GAZELLES has explained to the employees who have arrived on a scene of the State traffic inspectorate that BMW has unexpectedly jumped out from minor road though duly it should make way. The owner of a foreign car of the fault in an event did not deny and admitted, simply has not noticed First aid. As Paul Podborodnikov, the inspector on mass-media OGIBDD on the city of Kemerovo has told, only happy coincidence of circumstances it is possible to explain that fact that at such serious damages of cars of traumas, life-threatening in road accident anybody from participants has not received.

Fortunately in the car nobody has suffered
the Photo: a press - service OGIBDD Kemerovo