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In Priamure on fires from the beginning of year 8 children

in building GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the Amur region were lost Today has taken place a press - conference on questions of children`s death rate on fires and misuse of heating furnaces. Experts say that the  destruction of the Amur children on fire has grown on 60 %. From the beginning of year has occurred already such 8 tragedies.

- Children perish more often from - for the pranks, - Sergey Kajukov, deputy chief Gospozhnadzora across the Amur region speaks . - Two years ago there was a case when not able yet to speak the child podpalil a sofa on which its grandfather slept, and itself has gone to neighbours. We hardly managed to rescue the man. Quite often happens, when in villages in the haystacks prepared for the winter children arrange shtabiki, play about there with fire, smoke. And then our children take out their bodies.

Besides, emcheesniki have told to journalists about a situation with heating furnaces. 80 those % cost in wooden houses. People do not know, how is correct them to use - perekalivajut, kindle by means of kerosene, do not clean a pipe. Result - a fire. The deposit in pipes quite often blows up, bricks fall out of the furnace, and the house lights up.

- the cold season period is especially dangerous, - Maxim Gudim, zam tells the chief of department of supervision of maintenance of fire security on objects of town-planning activity. - if in November at us from - for furnaces in area happens about 20 fires in December this indicator reads off scale for 70.

By the way, for oven misuse the penalty threatens: from 500 to 1000 roubles.