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In the Perm edge the official has got on a bribe

One more official has got on a bribe. This time dishonest it has appeared 65 - summer   the adviser   managements of housing and communal services of administration Chusovogo Vyacheslav Kazantsev. As we know from authentic sources, since September the official in every possible way pressed a management   Open Company the Beautiful city which   have repaired   apartment houses in a city.   Kazantsev did not sign acceptance certificates until the director of Open Company has disagreed to pay to it of 250 thousand roubles. However, before it the last were converted into militia. Denominations for a bribe   have marked with a special paint and have made inscriptions. As a result of Kazantsev have detected in the act in the car   the victim already yesterday in second half of day.        

Concerning the adviser criminal case under the item " is got; g ch. 4 items 290 criminal codes of Russian Federation (reception by the official of a bribe in the form of money for illegal actions in the large size). Now inspectors find out all circumstances of a crime.

By the way as we managed to find out, Kazantsev as the adviser has worked practically nothing - since summer of this year. To work in its administration the old acquaintance and the partner - head of administration Chusovogo Anatoly Zhvakin has invited.   In the end of 80 - h they did joint business and even were going to build the bridge. Here only money took, and   to make object   and could not.   for it   on Kazantsev criminal case has been got, but it has got off with conditional term. And here it has again appeared on a dock.