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FSB of Novosibirsk has enclosed to criminals the Anaconda

In the Novosibirsk region   security officers have carried out special action with the sonorous name the Anaconda during which time checked places of parking of long-distance buses, and also cars on highways in frontier areas of area. Collected a crop impresses: have detained 12 persons, 11 from which were in local search, and one more - in federal; 7 units of the weapon, 40 cartridges and 170 grammes of an explosive, and also about 2 kgs of heroin and 21 kilogrammes of opium are withdrawn. Besides, counterspies have stopped 4 attempts to take through state border contraband and have got 30 criminal cases.

- the Analysis of results of special action the Anaconda allows to draw a conclusion that its carrying out in certain degree dekriminalizirovalo   conditions on frontier of the Russian Federation and channels of transport messages in area. The received results bear   about active use by criminal elements of motor transport for realisation of illicit activity, illegal circulation of the weapon, ammunition and narcotics, the organisation of channels of illegal migration, - Management of FSB of Russia across the Novosibirsk region sums up in the communique.