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In Indian ocean the ship with 23 Russian seamen

On Friday, on October, 30th is grasped, the inspector of the International federation of transport workers (MFT) Peter Osichansky has given the additional information on the ship grasped the day before under the flag of Thailand. Osichansiky has specified number of Russians which enter into crew.

Onboard there are 23 Russian seamen, two Filipinos and two citizens of Ghana - he has declared.

  Still the day before a staff European military - sea operation on piracy prevention Atalanta has informed that military pilots have noticed from air of pirates on a fishing schooner near Sejshel. In their opinion, the vessel goes to Somalia.

Apparently, it is one of most far sorties of pirates - distance from a place of capture to the piracy state - about 1000 kilometres.  

As informs the edition the Sea bulletin - Sovfraht The ship have attacked at late night.

  Thai Union - on October, 3 29rd has finished an overload of cargo of a tuna on rifer and left port Victoria in the evening, followed in group for continuation lova. Here they it also have taken at night. In 0220 UTC have started to pursue, 40 minutes it maneuvered, tried to be developed on a wave, but they as wolves drove on a circle. It almost literally from words of colleagues which carried on negotiations with it. Communication has broken, when pirates have started to land aboard, -   the editor of the edition Michael Vojtenko writes.

According to Vojtenko, pirates declare conditions of clearing of crew not earlier than will reach base. The ship slowly goes on severo - the West. Most likely, base at pirates there. Grasped Thai Union 3 accompanies the ship of the British Navies. However the frigate does not come nearer - pirates can begin to panic and get rid of captives. Onboard enough meal and waters - the ship prepared to long lovu.    


From January till September, 2009 pirates have made 306 attacks. At coast Somalia - 47 times.

23 seamen grasped by pirates - kaliningradtsy

the Captain of grasped vessel Thai Union the Byelorussian   Sergey Harlan after the termination of the Kaliningrad higher engineering - sea school long time   lived in Kaliningrad. About it today has told Vladimir Ogurtsov, the director of the Western sea agency Fleet - Shots which   was engaged in hiring   commands on ill-starred   a vessel.

I confirm that 23 crewmen Thai Union - kaliningradtsy, the captain of a vessel Sergey Harlan though live now in Belarus, but studied in Kaliningrad - head krjuingovoj the companies has told.

Under last information, pirates conduct   The vessel to coast Somalias, pursues it an English frigate.

In krjuingovoj the companies have refused to give the list of the seamen who were taken prisoner to pirates

the Head krjuingovoj of the company has declared that the list of crewmen cannot give, having referred that it needs to co-ordinate it with the ship-owner. today I already had a communication session with the ship-owner - company Siam Fishing Corporation, - now I will communicate only tomorrow, - have told Vladimir Ogurtsov, the director of the Western sea agency Fleet - Shots which employed seamen. - and on a broader scale this information and a resonance in mass-media   can hurt to crew tuntselova .

Nevertheless, it was possible to find out names of the seamen grasped together with vessel Thai Union. Here this list:

  1. Sergey Harlan - the captain.
  2. Andrey Rygalov - the senior assistant to the captain.
  3. Alexander Burkevich - the second assistant.
  4. Michael Glushko - the assistant to the captain on radio electronics
  5. Sergey Grishin - the senior mechanic
  6. Vladimir Mitin - the electromechanic
  7. Zahar Vintenbah - the mechanic - the serviceman
  8. Sergey Babich - refmehanik
  9. Leonid Gerasims - senior tralmaster
  10. Igor Lopatin - rybmaster
  11. Sergey Rassoha - the boatswain
  12. Vasily Levchuk - the cook
  13. Alexander Afanasev - the welder
  14. Igor Zolotov - the turner
  15. Oleg Zhukov - the sailor
  16. Ilya Sasaev - the sailor
  17. Maxim Bykov - the sailor
  18. Victor Devjatkin   - The sailor
  19. Vladimir Fedorov - the sailor
  20. Sergey Shulga - the sailor
  21. Alexander Shestakov - 2 - j the mechanic
  22. Yury Gridchin - the welder
  23. Valery Vasilev - the welder

the Wife of the captain of the grasped vessel: Sergey knew that floats in the dangerous seas

Captain Thai Union, 41 - summer Sergey Harlan, - from Vitebsk. His wife Elena cannot constrain some tears

- In business trip the husband has left in the summer. At first to Kaliningrad, then to Seychelles. Should return in January. The vessel catches a tuna, it operates this vessel.

- Often leaves in the sea?

- Once a year.

- For a long time?

- Yes. Depends on the contract. Happens, more than for couple of months. And for a year, happened, left.

- Calls often?

- Once a month. Here last time called more recently. Asked, as affairs, as the son. The pasha - the third-grader, I told, how he studies, as vacation will spend.

- About pirates the husband spoke earlier?

- He knew that floats in the dangerous seas. Spoke: Happens, I see . But they very far were. Near Seychelles have appeared recently.

Completely interview read here

the Wife of the second mechanic of the vessel grasped by pirates: the Husband said time and again that pirates nearby

the Wife of the second mechanic Svetlana Shestakov very much worries   for husband Alexander and all our fishermen. It works as the expert on the industrial goods in firm Soeks - Baltic . We meet it at company office in the street Kutuzov. At first sight it is visible that to Svetlana   SHestakovoj it is very heavy, she strongly worries, but constrains emotions. Alarm in the eyes, the tired person.

- that has occurred to the husband and children on a vessel, I have learnt only this morning the Husband did not see already more half a year, it has left in March. Often called, communication constantly supported, - Svetlana Gennadevna (read further) speaks.