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In Ekaterinburg legkovushka Failure ran into a tram

has occurred today, on October, 30th, in the morning in the centre of Ekaterinburg. In 6. 35 mornings on a crossroads of streets 8 Martha and Decembrists have met legkovushka and a tram.

the Driver 99 - j models VAZ for any reason   has taken off on a crossroads on   the red signal of a traffic light also has rammed 10 - j a tram. As a result movement of trams on this site has stood to 7. 20. On 8 Martha   the big stopper has grown. Passengers had to change to other transport or to continue a way on foot.

In failure has suffered 22 - the summer girl -   the passenger ninety ninth   and its coeval. Thus the originator of incident from a road accident place has run away, having thrown wounded passengers. According to eyewitnesses: he has recovered consciousness and has escaped. Now the fugitive is searched by militiamen, inform Night news .