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Inhabitants of Estonia show low activity at protection of the rights within the limits of the European Union

To Estonia with fact-finding visit there has arrived the representative of EU under human rights of Nikiforos Diamanduros.  

the Number of complaints of inhabitants of republic to the ombudsman of EU has grown this year twice. At the same time on activity in this point in question the Baltic country occupies one of last places - past year 7 complaints, and by September of this year - 12 were accepted only.

According to Diamandurosa, the reason of so low activity of inhabitants of republic is their low knowledge. As a rule, they complain of actions of local authorities while the ombudsman is engaged in investigation of cases of transgression only from the European institutes.

I receive very few complaints from Estonia. Unfortunately, many of them are not connected with activity of institutes of the European union and they concern Estonian problems which I cannot accept to consideration. I receive letters on a situation in Estonian prisons, in social and pension systems, about public health services problems, also send complaints and to decisions of the European court under human rights.

I can consider only complaints which are connected with activity of institutes of EU. I hope that inhabitants of Estonia can defend the rights in EU in the field - has concluded Diamanduros, informs an information portal novosti. err. ee.