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Presidents of Honduras have agreed about an armistice for the country blessing

Representatives of the president de - fakto Honduras Robert Micheletti and svergnutogo heads of the state Manuelja Selaji have signed the agreement which can put an end to political crisis in the country and return to power Selajju, informs on Friday agency Assoshiejted the Press.

According to the document, the destiny of Selaji is now in hands of the Sovereign court and the congress Micheletti has told.

At the same time, according to the representative of the Organization of the American states (OAG) Victor Riko (Victor Rico), the reached agreement leaves possibility svergnutomu to the president to return the power.

By words svergnutogo the president of Honduras, signing of the agreement with Micheletti will begin democracy restoration in the country .

After the message on document signing, US State Secretary Hillari Clinton has congratulated the parties with The historical arrangement .

I want to congratulate the people of Honduras, and also president Selajju and mister Micheletti on signing of the historical agreement - has told Clinton.

Revolution in Honduras has occurred on June, 28th after president Selajja has sent the higher military management which has refused to provide referendum carrying out in resignation. The sovereign court of the country recognised dismissals of military men and referendum carrying out illegal and on June, 26th, 2009 has given out the warrant on arrest of the president. Selajja has been arrested by the governmental armies and it is sent in Kosta - Riku, and also it is accused of corruption and constitution infringement.

Selajja has secretly returned to the country on September, 21st by the Venezuelan plane and since then takes cover in embassy of Brazil in Tegucigalpa. On twenty ninth of November in Honduras should pass the next presidential election, passes RIA Novosti news agency .