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Alexander Gleb will fine on 30 thousand euro

the Football player aleksandr Gleb again has allowed an occasion to journalists to write his name in headings of articles. On October, 27th after a match of a match 1/ 8 cup-finals of Germany Grojter Fjurt (2) - Stuttgart which the doctor " has come to the end with victory of owners with the bill 1:0, according to the charter of the German football union; Stuttgart Hajko Shtrigel should spend the football player from a field at once on a dope - control, informs BelaPAN.

  But Gleb has wanted to remove at first in a locker room football boots. The doctor tried to prevent it, and the football player has pushed away him. Fight was stopped by player of the team Louis Manin who went behind. All incident was fixed by a videocamera. It is audible, as Gleb shouts on - nemetski: to Remove there footwear! and the doctor responds: Alex, no! .

the German edition Bild writes that the manager Stuttgart Horst Heldt has declared that Gleb is waited by the large penalty of 30 thousand euro! In turn in interview to the edition the football player has explained the act huge disappointment from - that the command has left the Cup of Germany.

Besides, I am dissatisfied with the work. I should apologise for the behaviour, it was wrong - the Belarus legionary has told.
the doctor has informed that Gleb has apologised before it and on it incident is settled.