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In Ulyanovsk the militiaman

road accident tragically was lost there were yesterday in city centre at 22 o`clock 10 minutes. In the street Charles Marx the driver Nissan the senior lieutenant who has arrived to us in holiday from Moscow Region, has broken traffic regulations and ran in Mercedes . Force of blow was such big that Mercedes has rejected directly on sidewalk. At this time from service employees UUR KM of the Department of Internal Affairs senior operupolnomochennye majors of militia came back. The foreign car has departed directly on them. As a result from the received traumas one militiaman has died on the spot road accident. Its colleague with physical injuries is hospitalised.

- For yesterday in area there were 13 road incidents, - Julia Pijakina has informed us the employee of department of propagation UGIBDD. Is much.

- the Pillows of the security which has worked during collision of foreign cars, have allowed drivers to avoid traumas, - informs a press - service of the Department of Internal Affairs across the Ulyanovsk region. - upon road accident the investigation is carried on. Under the preliminary information both driver were sober. Investigating bodies solve a question on criminal case excitation.