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Let`s repay a historical debt

Today in Petersburg lives more than fifteen thousand rehabilitated citizens and the persons recognised suffered from political repressions.

Rehabilitated monthly indemnifications are paid.

They make:

-   for persons, podvergshihsja to political repressions in the form of imprisonment, - 2261 rouble of 30 copecks

-   for persons, podvergshihsja to restrictions in the form of a direction in the link, dispatch and on spetsposelenie, in the form of attraction to forced labour in the conditions of freedom restriction, including in working columns of People`s Commissariat of Internal Affairs and also to other restrictions of the rights and freedom, - 1130 roubles of 66 copecks

-   for children who have remained at minor age without care of parents or one of them, unreasonably subjected to repression on political grounds, - 1130 roubles of 66 copecks.

That who has suffered from political repressions, but does not receive compensatory payments, monthly monetary payment at a rate of 479 roubles of 67 copecks is given.

the Subjected to repression citizens also have the right:

-   on a privilege on payment of habitation and utilities at a rate of 50 percent

-   on rest in boarding house for veterans of war and work the Red star

-   on the monthly preferential ticket.