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Hooligans have left Valdai without eternal fire

Local residents do not cease to be surprised, not really eternal fire in Valdai burns under the schedule?   to veterans so upset one could cry, complain, where only it is possible, and to sense is not present.

- My grandfather wared, with medals home has returned, - the inhabitant of Valdai Oleg Anisimov tells to us , - I do not understand, why eternal fire does not burn? That it for not respect for veterans, and it not the first case such, fire regularly vanishes or a flame at it hardly appreciable.

Behind comments we were converted to to the head of city administration to Michael Galohovu:

- We know about a problem, all the matter is that gathers in the evenings for the areas youth which litters eternal fire with stones, bottles, overturns a torch and fire fades. The militia stays idle, - Michael Borisovich continues, - in the near future we plan to put video observation, and the problem will dare.

Video observation a thing useful, not clearly one why the militia does not catch villains and punishes them, especially, time it not the first case.

- what references from the power to me did not arrive, - has assured us and. The island of the chief of militia of Valdai Sergey Fedotov, - that fire happens, is disconnected for the first time I hear. But to understand a problem we will try.