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In Yakutia flood waters start to fall down

we Will remind that in Republic Sakha (Yakutia) from - for strong high waters declared CHS. At once three rivers &ndash here have simultaneously overflowed banks; Lena, Aldan and Vilyui. Now the situation more - was less stabilised.

- under the information on 12. On May, 00 23 in settlements Hangalassky, Namsky and Ust - Aldan areas begins gradual recession of flood waters, - has told «» the chief a press - services GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Yakutia Alexey Hlybov. - Water is completely cunning from settlements Rossoloda, Pavlovsk, Tehtjur and Bottom Bestjah, and also Hotochchu, Haptagaj, Red village. Inhabitants gradually come back in the houses.

explosive works on the rivers have helped to accelerate high water passage. However from the helicopter it is visible that ice with a great speed moves on all current of Lena to the city of Zhiganska.

- On flooding threat there are settlements settlements Kuokuj, Calvin and Sitte of Kobjajsky area, - Alexey Hlybov continues. – On Saturday from settlements Kalvitse and Sitte by helicopters MI - 8 evacuated 82 persons, including – 50 children. Inhabitants have brought to village Sangar – some have stopped at relatives or temporarily equipped, special points.

water is yet cunning from ten settlements - Oktyomtsy of Hangalassky area, Edejtsy, II Homustah, Count coast, the Guerrilla, Appany, Namtsy, Hamagatta of Namsky area, Sottintsy Ust - Aldan area, and also microdistrict Darkylah of a city of Yakutsk, located in lowland before a dam.

- now in Yakutia 25 operative groups from the Ministry of Emergency Measures continue to work, - Alexey Hlybov has added. – These are 3,5 thousand persons and 750 units of technics. Quickly we restore dim bridges and roads.

but to relax while early. Can deluge some more settlements Namsky
and Kobjajsky areas which is on a current of Lena below Yakutsk. Rescuers ask local residents to be prepared for high waters – to lift all valuable things on an attic, to deduce pets on loftiness, to collect documents and personal things.