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In Novosibirsk - 12 thousand unemployed

on May, 21st since 1992 in Russia it is considered Day of protection against unemployment. Specially to this date the Center of employment of the population of a city of Novosibirsk has published small research about a labour market status in capital of Siberia.

- now the situation is stable enough: on the beginning of May, 2010 on the account in the employment centre consisted 12,1 thousand jobless townsmen. Among jobless citizens more than half - women, 35,2 % have higher education, 28,6 % jobless are younger than 30 years, - Alexander Meshcherjakov, the deputy director of the Center cites the data. – a professional number of citizens searching for work is wide enough and totals more than thousand working trades and posts of employees.

as before, hands are especially claimed at the enterprises of a city: concreters, carpenters, masons, drivers of cars, waiters, assemblers, cooks … And during the same time as experts speak, in the market simply surplus of competitors with economic - legal higher and average vocational training. Demand for such workers on - former is low, by the way.

If you search for work, not superfluous most will check up, what vacancies are on a site of the Center of employment of the population of a city of Novosibirsk. Here it: www. gczn. nsk. su. By the way, offers on work there are updated every day.